Introducing our new fair pricing initiatives for 2024

When parting with your cash, it’s essential to do your research and make sure you’re not handing it over to businesses that haven’t earned your trust.

It doesn’t matter what you’re buying – in every industry, there are companies that may not prioritise honesty and fairness in their pricing practices. 

Take this review of a storage competitor, made by a former customer of theirs:

“I’d advise everyone to look elsewhere. They reel you in with a low price, then as others have said, the rates go up (yes, stated in small print) but then they continue to go up. It’s not worth it.”

– Anonymous

A pretty damning summary. Any potential future customers reading that may ask themselves, ‘Will they try to dupe me? Will I find myself out of pocket because of some shady tactics?’

Close up of hand of woman taking out pounds from her purse

And a cost of living crisis is definitely not the time to be worrying that a supposedly reputable brand might be skimming extra cash out of your wallet!

At blue self storage, we’re all about integrity, transparency and honesty. It’s what builds trust, after all, and earning our customers’ trust is key.

So that’s why we’re excited to introduce our new pricing initiatives for 2024, making sure everything’s open and fair, every step of the way.

Our new fair pricing initiatives for 2024:

1. We’ll keep all future price increases fair for customers

We believe in providing our customers with peace of mind when it comes to pricing. That’s why we’re proud to guarantee no price increase for at least 12 months after signing up with us. 

Additionally, we promise only one price increase per calendar year

And nobody wants any nasty surprises or unfair price rises – which is why we’ve decided to cap any price increase at a maximum of 10%.

Our fair price guarantee to you


No price increase for 12 months

after signing up with us


Only one price increase per year

to keep costs down


Price increase cap of 10% maximum

to make it fair for you

2. We’ll keep you informed and updated, in advance

In addition to our price increase guarantee, we want to assure our customers that they’ll always be informed well in advance of any changes. We commit to providing at least 3 month’s notice before implementing any price adjustments.

Not only that, but we understand the financial strain that holidays can bring, so we guarantee that prices will never increase in December or January. We want our customers to enjoy the festive period free of any additional financial stress from us!

3. We’ll be offering exclusive online booking incentives

We’re excited to introduce an exclusive online booking incentive to make the storage process even more convenient and rewarding for our customers.

When new customers use our online booking system to book their storage, we’ll credit their account with £25 to get going as a special thank you. Hey, it pays to go online!

Keep storage simple

At blue self storage, we’re committed to setting the standard for transparent pricing practices in the industry with integrity. We were – or are – one of the first storage companies to proudly display our prices visible on our website, rather than sending customers an email quote in return for their valuable private data.

Our new pricing initiatives, combined with our commitment to clear communication and fairness, demonstrate our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction. 

A lovely review for blue self storage from one of our customers ❤️

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