Storing clothing in a storage unit: Top tips for preserving your wardrobe

Whether you’re decluttering your home, moving, or transitioning between seasons, storing clothing in a storage unit is a practical solution for keeping your wardrobe organised and protected.

There’s nothing worse than digging around in your wardrobe when summer arrives only to find creased and crumpled clothes that smell a little musty!

That’s why proper storage techniques are essential to ensure that your clothes remain clean, fresh, and in good condition while in storage. We asked our storage experts for their top tips on effectively storing clothing in a storage unit – for fresher, brighter, crease-free clothes!

Clean thoroughly

Before packing your clothes for storage, ensure that they are clean and free of dirt, stains, and odours. Launder or dry-clean clothing items according to their care instructions to remove any traces of dirt or body oils, which can attract pests and cause fabric deterioration over time.

Use the right containers

Invest in high-quality storage containers or boxes designed specifically for clothing storage. Opt for breathable materials such as cardboard, fabric, or plastic tubs with ventilation holes to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.

Avoid plastic bags

Avoid storing clothing in plastic bags or vacuum-sealed bags for extended periods, as these can trap moisture and lead to mould, mildew, or musty odours. Instead, use breathable garment bags or cotton canvas bags to protect clothes from dust and pests while allowing air to circulate.

Fold properly

Fold clothing items neatly to minimise wrinkles and creases. Use acid-free tissue paper or cloth garment bags to separate delicate fabrics and prevent friction and colour transfer between garments. Avoid overpacking boxes to prevent crushing or distortion of clothing items.

“Instagram or TikTok are great for finding hacks – including how to fold clothes in clever ways to pack them down tight and maximise your storage space!”

Hang delicate items

For delicate or structured garments such as dresses, suits, or coats, consider hanging them on sturdy, padded hangers to maintain their shape and structure. Use garment bags or plastic covers to protect clothing from dust and light exposure.

Organise by season or category

Sort clothing items by season, category, or frequency of use to facilitate easy access and retrieval when needed. Pack off-season clothing towards the back of the storage unit and prioritise items you may need to access more frequently towards the front.

Label and inventory

Label each storage container or box with its contents and include a brief description of the items inside. Create an inventory list or spreadsheet detailing the contents of each box to help you keep track of your stored clothing and locate specific items quickly. Trust us on this one – you’ll thank us later!

Woman holding a blue self storage box - what to do when moving house

Utilise shelving or hanging rails

When you can’t store sideways, go up! Maximise vertical space in your storage unit by installing shelving units or hanging rails to store clothing containers or hang garments. This allows you to utilise the full height of the unit and keep clothing items organised and easily accessible.

“We have racking available for our units, along with all the boxes and packaging items you need to keep your belongings organised and neatly stored. Just ask – we’re here to help!”

By following these tips for storing clothing in a storage unit, you can preserve the condition of your wardrobe and ensure that your clothes remain clean, fresh, and ready to wear when you retrieve them.

With proper preparation and organisation, your stored clothing will be protected and well-maintained for the duration of their storage. Happy organising!


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