How to choose the right size storage unit when you’re moving house

Moving house and wondering what size storage unit you need?

In this guide, we help you figure out what size storage unit is best for you, advice on storing furniture in a storage unit and how we can help you make your storage worries disappear.

Plus Rhi, our expert in storage, shares her top tips for choosing the right size storage unit when you’re moving house, how to pack your unit efficiently and which tools will help make everything easier!

Choosing the ideal storage unit size isn’t always straightforward, even with the help of a storage size calculator. Fortunately, our storage units range from 48 sqft to 320 sqft, suitable for storing a few boxes or the contents of a large 5-bedroom house and more!

From moving house to starting an online e-commerce business, our storage units are small and big enough for everyone. With our flexible contracts, you can switch between units and only pay for the storage you require, without being tied into any long-term contracts.

What size storage unit do I need when moving house?

At blue self storage we offer 6 different sizes of self storage units. You can pick from…

  • 48 sqft – ideal for a garden shed
  • 64 sqft – ideal for a 1 – 2 bedroom house or flat
  • 80 sqft – ideal for a 2 – 3 bedroom house
  • 160 sqft – ideal for a 3 – 4 bedroom house
  • 240 sqft – ideal for a 4 – 5 bedroom house
  • 320 sqft – ideal for a 5 – 6 bedroom house

But there’s no need to stress if you book a self storage unit for a house move and it turns out too big or too small – if you want to downsize to a smaller unit or upgrade to a bigger one, it’s no problem at all.

And our minimum length contract for a self storage unit is only one month, giving you ultra flexibility and ease.

“Come visit our facility – you can’t beat seeing things up close and personal! Especially if terms like sqft are not familiar or too confusing. We’re more than happy to show you around the different units on site!”

How do I figure out what size storage unit I need?

A quick rule of thumb is to think of a one-bedroom house as needing around 64 sqft storage.

Next, add between 30 and 50 sqft for every extra bedroom.

So for a 2 bed home, look at 80 sqft. For a 3 bed house, between 80 to 160 sqft depending on the items.

“Use a tool that can help you visualise how much space in a unit you’ll need to store your items. Luckily, our website has a customisable tool that tells you exactly the storage size unit you need!”

Calcumate is an interactive tool that supplies you with a recommended storage size fit for your needs. All you have to do is list all the items you want to store, and it will do all the hard work for you! Here are some of the benefits of using the tool:

  • Saves you money by providing the right unit size for your belongings
  • Quick and easy to use, requires only a few clicks
  • Allows you to visualise how your items will fit in a 3D representation
  • Helps you plan for the future by showing how much space is left in a recommended larger unit size
  • It’s fun to use!

Have a go at using Calcumate below ↓

How do you store furniture in a storage unit?

It’s super simple and we can help answer questions you might have. But here are a few pro tips on storing items:

  • Clean everything thoroughly
  • Dismantle furniture and large items if possible
  • Use draws and wardrobes to the max
  • Clean and wrap furniture for long-term storage
  • Box and label everything properly – don’t worry if you forget, we sell packaging on site!
  • You might want to raise furniture off the floor
  • Store TVs etc. in their original packaging if you still have it and fill gaps with bubble wrap or foam packing
  • Don’t cram stuff in
Rhi's top tips on how to choose the right size storage unit when moving house

“Think Tetris – if you need to access your storage unit frequently, store your items in a way where you can see them and allow for some ‘wiggle’ room. If you’re storing items for a fixed period, pack them in as tight as possible.”

storage unit moving packing boxes

What size storage unit do I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

Anything in the region of 50 to 65 sqft is the ideal self storage unit for a 1 bedroom apartment.

What size storage do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

A self storage unit somewhere between 120 and 160 sqft should hold the contents of a 3-bedroom house.

Rhi's top tips on how to choose the right size storage unit when moving house
“Use a removal company – we work with lots of reputable removal companies and are willing to share your information (with your consent) for a smooth moving process.”

Using self storage can be a huge help when you’re moving house. Placing your items into storage can take the pressure off your moving schedule, making you less dependent on a moving chain, and it’s especially a necessity if you’re downsizing. Doing any job in small bite-size chunks will always help. As the saying goes, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!’

We hope our guide & team’s top tips are helpful, but don’t forget we’re always on hand to answer your questions around self storage and house moving. Drop us a message on social media or over the phone. We’re a friendly bunch 😁


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