Need help choosing a storage unit size? Our new Calcumate tool tells you just the size you need

After weeks of building the motivation to make a start, you finally finish packing… and then, BAM! You’re stuck when choosing the right size storage unit!

How much space will a fridge-freezer need? Can one storage unit really take your entire Beanie Babies collection? And just how big is 64 sqft?!

Well, worry no longer – our new website feature, Calcumate, will have it sorted in no time.

Calcumate is a customisable tool that supplies you with a recommended storage size suited for your needs, whether you want to store self storage, commercial storage – you name it! All you have to do is list all the items you want to store, and it will do all the hard work for you!

See why you have to try it…

It can save you money

No need to mess around and pay for a unit size that’s too small, nor too big for that matter. Calcumate works out all the measurements of your belongings and from this, is able to slot all your items together, making sure you get the most out of the space capacity.

Say goodbye to wasted pennies and hello to saving money, as you will only pay for what you need!

Quick application

It’s quick & easy to use, requiring a few simple clicks to get to the right kind of storage you’re wanting to store. So you’ll know which size unit to ask for when you get in touch – making your booking process almost done before it’s even started!

Watch as you fill your unit

Simply put, it’s fun to use! See a 3D representation of you packing in your small boxes, big boxes, wardrobes, desks, fridges or whatever it may be, in real-time. It’s like playing The Sims all over again…

You’ll know if you have any room left for the future

If you’re recommended a larger unit size, you’ll be able to see how much room you have left to play with. This is brilliant if you are doing a slow clear out of the house because you know you’ll definitely want to store more in the future. #thinkingahead

Get help choosing your unit – Calcumate is right here! 👇

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