Ask the experts: Our top tips for maximising space in storage units

We’re sharing our top tips for storage units & how to maximise the space inside – brought to you by our very own expert team.

With over 70 years’ experience of self storage within the team, we’ve seen our fair share of storage woes & mishapsthat’s why we’re sharing our collective knowledge to help you get the best out of storage!

Stay tuned for our future instalments covering caravan storage, boat storage, moving home and more – but for this edition, we’re talking all about our top tips for maximising space in storage units.

Take it away, team!

Rhiannon, Storage Coordinator at blue self storage in CardiffHi, I’m Rhiannon.

We all cover a little bit of everything at blue self storage, but my speciality is storage units.

I’m sharing 8 ideas that I think will really help you maximise your storage space, inspired by the most frequently asked questions I’ve had from customers over the years.

Starting with…

#1 – When filling your unit, start on the outside, work inwards, and leave an isle to locate items easily

Positioning your items in this way means you’ll leave your items in easy reach, rather than stacking them all on top of each other at the back.

#2 – Keep your most frequently used items at the front of your storage unit; this will allow you to easily locate them next time

Following on from my first point – there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve left your toolbox hidden away under everything else!

#3 – Identify your heaviest or fullest boxes, and put these with your bulky items

That way, you can tackle all the heavy things in one go, should you need to vacate your unit or move things around.

Don’t know where to get boxes? We have all the packaging materials for storage you’ll ever need, including boxes from £1.25, marker pens, bubble wrap and loads more.

#4 – Whether it’s a hammer, screwdriver, or a box knife, leave some tools in your storage unit

This will be a lifesaver when it comes to assembling, disassembling to transport or opening a box to reveal its contents.

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#5 – Use shelving to help create additional space

Shelving allows you to stack boxes safely and take advantage of the height of your storage unit. If you try to stack too many boxes on top of each other, the bottom ones will crumble under the weight.

We supply purpose-built container racking from just £7.50p.c.m – so if you need it, we’ve got it!

#6 – You can save room in your storage unit by storing books and CDs inside the fridge

Just leave the fridge door wedged open for circulation. Bonus tip: use empty trash bins to store garden tools such as shovels and hoses.

#7 – Defrost fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing them to avoid the risk of water damage

Large appliances need care before being placed in storage. Tie doors up for the move, although you should leave them slightly ajar once in storage to stop condensation from forming and to help ward off bad odours. Drain washing machines before storing them and tie down hoses etc.

#8 – Once your unit is filled, make a drawing that shows the various areas of your items, such as toys, clothes, bedroom furniture, kitchen goods etc

It doesn’t need to win any Ordnance Survey awards – it just needs to help you easily locate every item in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my advice guide for maximising your storage unit space! This is Rhiannon, signing off… 🤓

Want more advice or tips for maximising space in storage units? Get in touch – we’re always here to help.

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