How to pack a storage unit [VIDEO]

So you’ve booked yourself a storage unit – now you need to fill it! Organising your items effectively and efficiently will help save you time in the long run, but knowing how to pack a storage unit requires a little bit of thought.

In our latest video, Meg & Emma, Storage Coordinators and resident experts, share all the tips & tricks you need to know when packing a storage unit. From how to stack boxes through to where different items should go, they cover all the bases.

Take it away, ladies…

Want a handy list? Here’s a quick summary…

Tip 1

Clearly label boxes to stay organised.

Tip 2

Store heavy and bulky items at the back of the unit.

Tip 3

Keep an aisle for easy access so you can move between items.

Tip 4

Put your most frequently used items at the front of your unit.

Tip 5

Keep tools handy – you may need them!

Tip 6

Calculate how much storage you need before booking using Calcumate.

Tip 7

Utilise the full height of containers – store upwards, not outwards.

Tip 8

Drain all white goods before storing.

Tip 9

Make a blueprint map or inventory of ‘what’s where’ in the unit.

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