Why are reviews important? 

Whenever you are looking to purchase something online, it’s always good to carry out some prior research, whether it’s a holiday destination, a restaurant or even a car, having good product or service knowledge helps avoid any pitfalls later on down the line. The same principles apply to self storage, some would argue more so as you’re storing your prized possessions, family heirlooms or business stock. 

When it comes to finding a self storage facility, it is important to choose one that is highly rated and reputable. A reputable facility can provide a secure and well-maintained facility setting for your belongings. In order to determine the quality of a facility, it is advisable to check online reviews and ratings. Make sure to look for a facility that boasts a high rating, with positive feedback from previous customers. Thorough research can also help you find a facility that is located conveniently and offers a range of options to suit your storage needs.

Additionally, a reputable facility should have professional staff that is available to assist with any questions or concerns. Ultimately investing in a highly-rated self storage facility can provide you with peace of mind and a reliable storage solution for your belongings. 

What to look out for when reading reviews: 

The number of reviews

We all know that friend who runs a small business and constantly asks family and friends to leave a review. If a company has a very small number of reviews, take this with a pinch of salt. A provider with hundreds of reviews will be a more accurate reflection of the business and demonstrate a good trading history. At blue self storage we have over 1000 reviews from customers across both our Google and Trustpilot pages.

Are the reviews honest, fair and accurate?

Read the reviews and come to your own conclusion. The vast majority of customers are honest and will have a valid point and even offer suggestions to improve the service, other times there could be a simple explanation the provider failed to manage customers’ expectations. We acknowledge every review with a personalised response, good or bad! 

Read the response, has the provider been professional and acknowledged there was an issue and taken steps to address it? This tells you a lot about the provider, their humility and their commitment to customer service. 

No one likes receiving negative feedback however from time to time; a customer might experience poor customer service, be made to wait a little longer than anticipated or be told conflicting information from staff. Negative feedback is an opportunity to learn and improve. 

Try not to focus solely on price-based reviews, look at the bigger picture, blue self storage will never be the cheapest and we never want to be. We aim to be the best value for money. Our security bill alone runs into the hundreds of thousands, this means you’re signing up for an extremely secure site with 24/7 security-controlled access and CCTV monitoring, we even have patrol dogs! Of course, there will be cheaper sites however I would question their security provision. 


Do other checks, or any accreditations – is the provider a member of any professional bodies? At blue self storage, we really are storage experts, we’ve been in the storage business for over 30 years, we are accredited members of the Self Storage Association and won several National and European awards, the latest being named UK Container Storage Facility of the Year 2023! We also hold a CaSSOA Gold Award for our caravan and motorhomes services and most recently we were granted a Platinum CaSSOA Award – the highest possible CaSSOA accreditation and we’re the first site in Wales to have achieved this.

The blue self storage team at the SSA 2023 awards

Our commitment to customer service means we take customer feedback extremely seriously, it’s an area our team excel. We currently have a maximum 5 stars on Trustpilot and rank #1 in the UK for customer service in self storage. We have a review rate of around 20% of customer sign-ups which is truly astonishing and testimony to the team’s commitment to continuous improvement. 

Allowing consumers to comment on your product/service will be tough. Bearing your soul and allowing people to openly criticise you and the business you have worked so hard to establish can be a painful yet valuable experience. It’s an opportunity to learn and improve the service whether you agree with the review/feedback or not.


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