Why do people use self storage?

Why do people use self storage, what are the benefits of self storage and why should you consider using it?

Self storage has become increasingly popular in recent years as it has many uses for people in different life situations. Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home, renovating a house, starting a business with stock or equipment or going through a major life change, self storage is essential for making space and reducing stress.

To learn why people use self storage and how it can help you through the ebbs and flows of life, we sat down and spoke with our storage experts who shared some valuable insights… 🔎

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The following list shares some of the most common reasons why people opt for self storage units. Plus our team shares how we can help you with our top tips & resources!

#1 Moving house

Moving house can be a very stressful event. There’s lots of packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and at times you wonder how you managed to obtain so much ‘stuff’. You might have to stay elsewhere, or parts of your house might be inhabitable whilst you complete essential work or improvements.

Storage units will keep your household items and possessions safe and secure until you’re ready to use them again. Self storage allows people to manage the move in small bite-size chunks so that on completion day the task is more manageable and less stressful.

For students moving into halls or a houseshare, storage needs to be quick, affordable and easy to sort – that’s where our breezybox service comes in. Our convenient collection service starts from just £5.95 per box, per month, and can be as short-term as you need. Breezybox means students don’t need to rent an entire unit, but just put whatever they need into storage – we collect it and sort out the rest!

“If you’re currently in the middle of moving and are wondering what size storage unit you need, our guide can help you choose the right size storage unit!”
Couple renovating their home and needing self storage

#2 Renovation work

If you’re thinking about undertaking renovation work or building that extension to your property, you may want to consider putting furniture and belongings into a self storage unit while the work is being completed.

This will keep them safe, free of damage and dust and give you more space to complete the work safely and efficiently. Constantly moving items from one room to another is time-consuming; also a clean workspace is a safe workspace.

“Renovating could mean that you’ll need to store your items only for a short-term fixed period, in which case it would make life easier to pack your items in as tight as possible. We also offer a range of packaging materials to keep your items safe & tidy.”
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#3 Decluttering for maximised space

We’re all guilty of accumulating items or keeping things ‘just in case’ we need them for future use. That inflatable kayak, our children’s school books, family heirlooms, sentimental items we’re unwilling to part with just yet.

With many people working from home and people with growing families, having that extra bit of space has become a luxury. Less mess means less stress!

“If you or someone you know is struggling to ‘let go’ of treasured items, our guide written from our personal experiences can help you declutter sensitively.”
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#4 Business storage

Businesses also benefit from self storage units as they offer various uses and flexible terms that can provide short or long-term solutions. If a business is moving to smaller premises, wants to reduce overheads, has excess warehouse stock and legal documents, or is experiencing supplier issues and is therefore buying in bulk, it’s time to make use of storage. Your garage at the bottom of the garden simply won’t do!

We have a wide range of businesses that store with us. From a company that imports Persian rugs to painters and decorators, bell tent hire companies, hot tub hire companies, automotive parts distributors, tyre fitters, and small to medium-sized building companies – the list is endless.

Our sites are accessible 24/7 so accessing your goods whenever you need them is not a problem. Plus, we have a Business Network which promotes working together, with over 3000 customers – it just makes sense!

“If you’re a business in need of super secure document storage solutions, check out our sister company – The Maltings Document Storage Solutions. Based in Cardiff, The Maltings operates two secure facilities designed specifically for safe document storage.”
A member of staff filing boxes at Maltings Document Storage Solutions in Cardiff

#5 Life-changing events

Life events such as breakdowns in relationships, bereavement, and poor investment decisions can sometimes mean that plans take a turn towards an unexpected direction. Storage can offer a solution to such a life changing event. 

Self storage allows you to keep your most prized possessions while freeing up a significant amount of space in your home and it affords you time to tackle a decision at your own pace. Simply put your items into storage and avoid any knee-jerk reactions you might regret!

We hope that’s answered everything you wanted to know about why people use self storage!


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