Meet Dean Daly – our new Operations Manager

We’re delighted to announce that Dean Daly has joined blue self storage as our new Operations Manager.

Yet before we learn more about Dean, here’s Chris Bryan, our Commercial Manager:

“I’m delighted that someone of Dean’s calibre has joined the team at blue self storage. Dean brings a wealth of experience from the housing and construction sectors, along with extensive landlord/tenant relationship and customer service experience.

“Dean’s focus will be to assist with growth plans whilst ensuring our existing customers continue to get a great service.

“I am confident that this appointment will be great for both our business and our customers. With aggressive growth plans, we need somebody with Dean’s experience to ensure that the planned new sites are delivered to the standard that our customers have come to expect. It is an exciting time for blue self storage and we wish Dean all the best in his new role.”

Meet Dean Daly, Operations Manager

We caught a quick five minutes with Dean to find out more about him and his plans for blue self storage

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Dean Daly and I currently live in the Rumney area of Cardiff

How long have you been with blue self storage?

This is my second week in post; I am in the absorbing stage but already exploring areas where we can develop the business and improve the service.

What first attracted you to the role?

Having been working in London for the past year, I wanted to return to Cardiff to be closer to my family but I wanted a role that would excite and challenge me. blue self storage provided this and within seconds of my first interview, I was onboard! The company’s ambitions matched my own but the big selling point was the company culture, everyone seemed so happy and friendly.

What does the role of Operations Manager entail? What’s a typical day?

I am extremely lucky in that I have inherited an exceptional team. Typically, operations managers are responsible for managing activities that result in the delivery of a service, my role is diverse and will grow and change alongside the business.

I see the role as developing the business, promoting the brand, overseeing the growth, motivating and developing staff, and ensuring we provide a professional service through continuous improvement.

These are exciting times for blue self storage, where do you see it growing in the next few years?

I am confident within a few years blue self storage will become a nationally recognised self storage brand. We have the experience and skills to be one of the market leaders.

Self storage as a whole feels like it’s booming at the moment – where do you see the market going next?

The self storage industry is booming, although we fall far behind the USA in terms of sqft per population. The UK currently offers 0.67sqft whilst the USA can offer 7.06sqft per head of population, so we are playing catch up.

What’s the most challenging part of working in this industry?

Public awareness. The vast majority of the general public has limited self storage awareness. As an industry, we must raise our profile.

A couple of fun questions to end on – what’s your favourite shade of blue?

The blue self storage blue, of course!

Correct answer… Finally, what music do you like?

My music taste is horrendous, it can be very cheesy. My playlists are as secret as the Coca-Cola recipe.

…but blue self storage’s aren’t! Dean may keep his playlists under wraps, but ours are very much available – check them out on Spotify.

So, whether you use blue self storage at Wentloog or are planning to use our new Llanishen site when it opens in autumn 2019, you’re sure to bump into Dean.

Do you have any questions for Dean and the team?

We’d love to hear them, so please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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