How secure are storage units?

Do you know how secure your storage unit is? Find out as we unveil the security measures at blue self storage.

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Understanding storage unit security

When deciding to entrust your valuable possessions to a storage facility, security should be a top-tier priority. Storage units, like the ones offered by blue self storage, are devoted to preserving the safety and integrity of your items. Their multi-faceted security approach serves to deter potential threats and provide you with peace of mind.

Security begins at the entry point

What truly defines the security of a storage unit? It’s an amalgamation of numerous protective elements, all designed to create a fortress for your possessions. We enforce a rigorous identification process at its guard-controlled entry point, allowing entry only with a verified photo ID. This strict access control ensures all visitors to the facility are vetted, monitored and managed, laying the groundwork for effective security.

We even undertake penetration tests early hours of the morning with no warning. These pressurised trials test guards in real time.

How secure are storage units? Security begins at the entry point at blue self storage

Security team and patrol dogs

Equally critical is the presence of an in-house professional security team. Round-the-clock vigilance is maintained through their consistent monitoring of CCTV feeds and regular patrols around the facility. At blue self storage, this security detail even includes patrols by highly trained dogs, providing an additional layer of security.

24hr surveillance and security on all our sites
Our security patrol teams are on-site 24/7.

24/7 monitored CCTV surveillance

Security doesn’t stop at human vigilance. Modern technology plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your belongings. The 24/7 monitored CCTV surveillance at blue self storage captures all activities within the facility, providing a comprehensive visual record. The surveillance isn’t passively recorded but actively monitored, ensuring a swift response to any anomalies.

Security camera on the blue wall - compound yards and offices

Alarmed perimeter fencing

Supplementing human and tech-based security, physical barriers like alarmed perimeter fencing provide a tangible defence against potential intruders. At blue self storage, these alarms provide immediate alerts to the security personnel in case of a breach, enabling them to react promptly.

Pest control is a crucial security aspect

While it might not be your first thought when considering security, pest control plays a crucial part in protecting stored items. At blue self storage, a specialised team tackles pest-related issues, ensuring your possessions are safe from any damage that pests could cause.

How secure are storage units?

How secure are storage units at blue self storage?

In essence, the security of storage units hinges on the robustness of measures in place. It requires a potent blend of human vigilance, advanced technology, strict access control, and proactive pest management.

While many storage facilities may profess to offer secure storage, it’s crucial to critically assess their security protocols. Don’t shy away from scrutinising their procedures and ensuring they meet your expectations. Remember, when it comes to the safety of your possessions, no measure is excessive.

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At blue self storage we understand the importance of security and our decades of industry experience have honed our security approach, guaranteeing that your possessions are as safe as houses, regardless of what you’re storing. From self storage to business storage, vehicle storage and beyond – we’ve got you covered!


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