Customer spotlight: A team of tree surgeons keeping South Wales beautiful

As we enter 2021, it’s a time for sharing the love and lifting each other up – so in our latest blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on companies doing fantastic work who deserve to be recognised for it.

For this interview, we speak to Craig Hyde, Owner of Embark Tree Care, a blue self storage customer since June 2020.

The team gets solid 5-star rave reviews from their clients and provides all kinds of tree surgery around Cardiff.

They pride themselves on using the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done professionally and safely, at the end of each job the work area will be completely cleared of any debris leaving customers in their gardens in peace.

As an extra lovely touch, Craig and his team regularly capture photos of nature and the tiny critters they find during their daily work – happily, you can take a look at their gallery online.

Hi Craig! What does Embark Tree Care do?

Well, we do literally all aspects of tree surgery! That includes:

  • Hedge cutting
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Sectional felling
  • Tree dismantles
  • Stump grinding
  • Large/dangerous and awkward trees

If you’ve got a tree that needs work, we’re your port of call!

We also offer a 24-hour call-out service covering all of Cardiff, the Vale, and South Wales.

As an eco-friendly company, we also actively encourage replanting when trees are removed – we have to look after Mother Nature, after all!

It’s been a tough time for businesses – how has Embark Tree Care adapted during lockdown?

Fortunately for my business, trees will always need managing so I think I’m in one of the ‘lucky industries’ not to be too affected in that respect.

As my work is outside, this minimises risk – but regardless, we use sanitiser, masks and social distancing where required to keep our clients safe.

Why do you use blue self storage?

blue self storage is the complete package for me with 24-hour access, security, insurance and more.

For my peace of mind, it’s worth its weight in gold as my equipment is safe, dry and all in one place at Llanishen. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful – especially Rhiannon who’s been there to answer all my questions and guide me along the way, thank you!

So, what projects are Embark Tree Care working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on a tree in Sully, a complete dismantle of an Ash tree as it’s been affected by ash dieback – not a pretty sight!

What’s next in the pipeline for your business?

I’m aiming for 2021 to be an amazing year with the development of the business and creating at least one full-time position for a qualified tree surgeon and two part-time positions.

This expansion will really increase my capacity and ability to help more clients, so that’ll be great.

COVID-19 has led to a lot of local community help & support – what’s been your favourite ‘community kindness’ story you’ve seen?

For me, I think Covid-19 has led to an outpouring of kindness from people in all walks of life and I hope this is something we can continue to do for each other.

Checking on our vulnerable/elderly neighbours is so important and helpful, and something we have to keep up!

Craig using his unit at our Llanishen storage facility

Introducing our ‘customer spotlight’ series

It’s been a hard year for businesses in South Wales and across the UK, dealing with projects on hold, staff at home and other pandemic-related difficulties. But through good times or bad, these companies are the backbone of our national economy.

So that’s why we’re launching our brand new ‘customer spotlight’ series, celebrating our business & commercial storage customers who use us to save space & stay focused in challenging times.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Craig at Embark Tree Care for the interview!

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