Get £10 with our caravan storage referral scheme

Earn a tenner in 10 seconds with our caravan storage referral scheme.

Are you a current customer at blue self storage? Then take advantage of our caravan storage referral scheme. If you’ve got a mate with a motorhome who’s looking for somewhere safe and secure to stash their steed, then point them in our direction.

Do that and we’ll give you an Ayrton, a Darwin, two Lady Godivas, and any other slang terms you know for £10. That’s a tenner for a rec. Lovely jubbly.

How does this caravan storage referral scheme work then?

It’s simple. Our caravan storage referral scheme works like this: if you’re a customer with us and you refer someone who signs up at our Wentloog site we’ll send you a £10 cheque in the post as a thank you. Done.

There’s no massive wait for your money, no hassle at all in fact. All they have to do is give us your name when they sign up.

So do us a favour, do your mate a favour, and do yourself a favour. Recommend blue self storage for caravans and motorhomes today and pocket that ten pounds

Awesome things you can spend a tenner on…

Caravan & chill cover for caravan storage referral scheme post

Stuff you can get for £10 on eBay right now…

  • Doom on PS4
  • A bamboo wine rack
  • A Bluetooth mini speaker
  • Remember fidget spinners?
  • Lots of different Skmei digital watches
  • In no-way Ray-Ban sunglasses… Nay-Ban?
  • More Zirconia earrings than you can shake a stick at

Why blue self storage is the best for caravans and motorhomes

You probably know already but for over 30 years we’ve provided flexible and secure compounds for caravans and motorhome owners in Wales. Out Wentloog site was actually the first facility in South Wales to be awarded the prestigious Platinum CaSSOA Award for achieving the highest recognised levels of storage for caravans and motorhomes.


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Our award-winning caravan and motorhome facilities include:

  • Jet wash with platform ladders, vac & air facilities
  • Grey & foul water disposal
  • Purpose-built compounds with allocated bays
  • Twin-axle bays available
  • Discounted insurance as our Wentloog (Cardiff) facility is a CaSSOA Gold Site
  • Calor Gas approved stockist

And don’t forget to check our discounts.

Ready to recommend? Cash in on our caravan storage referral scheme – it’s so easy…

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