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At blue self storage, we can help you store practically anything you can imagine. From caravans to collectibles, surfboards to sofas – you name it, we store it!

Many of our customers come to us for support with document storage. That requires specialised facilities that aren’t currently available at blue self storage locations – but who would we be to turn valued customers away?

Enter our sister company, The Maltings Document Storage Solutions. Based in Cardiff, The Maltings operates two secure facilities designed specifically for safe document storage.

“It’s great to be able to refer blue self storage customers to our sister company. While we can help with large items, vehicles and more, The Maltings Document Storage Solutions is ideal for protecting confidential files and keeping personal documents secure.”

Dean Daly, Operations Manager at blue self storage

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Why use a document storage service?

Although by now we’re used to accessing all of our documents online, some businesses are still required to keep hold of physical documents.

Legal paperwork, financial records, client archives … there are all sorts of documents that need to be stored in a safe place.


Documents often contain confidential and sensitive information. Storing documents in a safe facility outside of the office or business location provides extra security, diminishing the likelihood of loss, damage or theft.


Paper takes up a surprising amount of space. Many workplaces can be cramped at the best of times, and with businesses downsizing their offices post-pandemic, there’s an even greater need to store documents remotely.

When you use a document storage service, you can make better use of the space available to you. Office table tennis, anyone?!


Document solutions don’t stop at storage. You can also get help to organise, digitise or even discard documents securely. Outsourcing these time-consuming tasks gives you more opportunity to focus on your work (or perfecting your table tennis skills — whichever sounds best).

“Just like blue self storage, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest levels of security. When it comes to storage, it doesn’t matter if it’s a classic Cadillac or a box of employee records, the protection level should remain the same.”

Chris James, Sales Manager at The Maltings Document Storage Solutions

Maltings Document Storage Solutions in Cardiff

Why choose The Maltings Document Storage Solutions?

Paper documents need to be stored under special conditions. Here’s how The Maltings can help.

Dry conditions

Moisture in the air can quickly damage paper. The Maltings is a dry storage facility that takes special measures to prevent humidity, meaning documents are kept in excellent condition.

Secure facilities

Like blue self storage, The Maltings takes security seriously. How seriously? Enter a 24/7 year-round security team, full perimeter fencing, fully tracked service vehicles, vehicle barriers and fob access entry points. It’s practically Fort Knox!

Maltings Document Storage Solutions in CardiffConfidential agreements

All of the staff are DBS checked and sign a confidentiality agreement before joining the team. Your documents will only be viewed with your permission when absolutely necessary, such as when you use the scanning or shredding service. For added peace of mind, further non-disclosure agreements can be signed at your request.

Efficient service

The Maltings’ well-managed storage system allows for the fast collection, organisation and retrieval of documents, allowing you to access important information without delay.

Affordable storage

This comprehensive service packs a lot of value, with storage prices starting from just 1p per box per day. That old piggy bank finally has its time to shine!

Maltings Document Storage Solutions in Cardiff

What’s next?

Need a safe and convenient storage solution for your documents? Check out The Maltings Document Storage Solutions for efficient, reliable and confidential support.

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