Desert Island Desks: What 1 piece of furniture could our staff not live without?

Imagine yourself ‘cast away’ on a desert island – the sun is hot, the coconut water is pure, and your volleyball is starting to talk back…

Now imagine you’re only allowed one piece of furniture to make your stay bearable – what on earth would you choose?!

We put the big question to our team in a game of ‘Desert Island Desks’ – here’s what our castaways picked…

#1 – Rhiannon

‘So my favourite item in my home is my dining table – not because it looks amazing and is super comfortable, but because I love that this is the one item of furniture that is used daily to bring the family together. It’s where we plan our holidays, weekends away and discuss the day we have all had. It hosts all birthdays, every Christmas, and all our family get-togethers. It really is the hub of the home.’

Desert Island Desks - Rhiannon's favourite item, her dining table

#2 – Sharon

‘My favourite item is a mirror in my dining room. It is of great sentimental value to me as it belonged to my dad who passed away. Just before my parents’ caravan was sold, Ray Summers at The Caravan Hospital carefully removed the mirror from the caravan and it has hung in my house ever since!’

Desert Island Desks - Sharon's favourite item, her mirror

#3 – Relina

‘My dad painted this beautiful piece of art. He knows I love to run – especially when the leaves are changing colour and autumn is upon us. He painted this, which I hang with love and pride in my favourite room, my lounge. I hope everyone loves this unique and very personal piece of art by my talented dad as much as I do!’

#4 – Dean

‘I absolutely love this chair, it is beautiful, clever and practical. It is designed by the genius Philippe Starck and combines three iconic chair designs from the past. Can you see the outline of each chair within the elegant design? The chair can be placed indoors or outdoors making it extremely practical and a space saver. More importantly, it’s where I sit down most evenings with my family. It’s a starck reminder of how fortunate I am (see what I did there?) 😊’

A yellow Philippe Starck chair for the Desert Island Desks blog

#5 – Emily

‘I’ve thought long and hard about this and the one thing I would need on my desert island is my phone charger. I couldn’t go without this because I rely on it for everything pretty much in my life. My photos and memories are in there, my calendar too, anything really, you name it, it all goes into the phone. Without this, I would be lost…!’

Desert Island Desks - Emily's favourite item, her phone charger

#6 – Jamie

‘My most adored item of furniture would have to be this beautiful oil painting of the Mumbles, as depicted by Sue Davies. Having grown up along Swansea seafront this artwork evokes many warm memories from childhood. It’s still my favourite place to visit to date (weather permitting!). This painting also reminds me of superb Italian coffee and cuisine, as the Mumbles is home to the very best Italian restaurants!’

We all have furniture we can’t live without – and that’s why self storage exists!

Can’t bear to part with your favourite chair or a beloved lamp? Get in touch to book a unit quickly and easily – we’re always welcoming new castaways…

About this blog

This year, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ was named “the greatest radio programme of all time” by a panel of experts.

As blue self storage is a collective of music lovers and pop culture geeks, we thought we’d honour it with our very own ‘Desert Island Desks’! To our readers – thanks for indulging our pun 😜

What piece of furniture could you absolutely not live without? Comment below!

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