5 reasons to use breezybox, our easy new storage collection service

Did you catch the news? We’ve just launched breezybox, our new ‘storage by the box’ collection service!

What is ?

breezybox is the fast and convenient way to arrange storage and store your valued items without leaving the house.

We’ll deliver all the boxes and packaging you need. Simply fill up the boxes and we’ll return to collect them when you’re ready. We’ll then transport and safely store your items at your nearest blue self storage facility.

Prices start at £5.95 per box, per month – so if you stored 3 boxes, that’s still £42.15 cheaper than hiring our smallest unit!

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Not sure whether breezybox is right for you? Here are 5 reasons it just might be…

breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

1. You don’t have enough items to fill a whole storage unit

Do you have a few bulky items that just won’t fit in the flat?

Often, our customers have one or two awkward items that they’d like to keep for the future but don’t have space for right now.

If you don’t have enough stuff to fill a whole storage unit, but removing a few items would make a big difference to the way you use your home, breezybox is a great option for you.

With breezybox, you don’t need to go to the expense of reserving a whole storage unit. You simply pay for the storage you need, saving you extra costs.

breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

2. You’re moving home or downsizing

Knowing what to do with your possessions when you’re moving home or changing offices can sometimes be tricky.

While your new place might have enough room for all your items, there’s often some downtime between moving out and receiving your new set of keys.

That’s why breezybox is ideal if you need to temporarily store items. It saves you the hassle of attending a storage facility – that’s one less thing to worry about when you move out.

storage by the box service in Cardiff - men roll on skateboard with boxes

3. You don’t have your own vehicle

Have you ever tried taking a canoe, a trombone and a comic book collection on public transport? You get some funny looks…

If you don’t have a car or a van, getting your items to a storage facility can sometimes be a struggle.

breezybox saves you the expense of hiring a vehicle; we’ll deliver your boxes to a nearby blue self storage unit on your behalf.

Couple walking happy with boxes - introducing breezybox by blue self storage

4. You’re going on holiday (or returning home for the summer)

If you’re jet-setting around the world on the trip of a lifetime, or you’re an international student returning home to spend time with family over the summer, you don’t want to worry about valuable items getting stolen.

breezybox acts as a temporary safe for your valuables. Our round-the-clock security ensures your precious items are always protected.

5. You have seasonal hobbies taking up space

Skiing, scuba diving, camping… the greatest hobbies usually come with a wardrobe’s-worth of equipment.

If you’re not using seasonal equipment year-round, then storing it at home can become frustrating, especially if you have a small home or you’re sharing with multiple tenants.

breezybox lets you store items when you don’t need them and easily retrieve them when it’s time. That way, your hobbies remain joys, not chores.

You pack it up, we pack it in!

breezybox is a great option for busy people or those with limited space at home. It’s a speedy service that’s super easy to use.

Want to try it? Learn more about our storage collection service and fill out the order form.

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