Does Cardiff have a beach?

Hello there! If you’re asking if Cardiff has a beach, it sounds like you’re yearning for some fun in the sun, or maybe just a relaxing day listening to the lapping waves. Let’s get stuck into the answer, shall we? 🌊

Now, you may have heard that Cardiff doesn’t actually have a beach within the city boundaries, and in many ways, that’s true. When people think of Cardiff, they tend to think about its bustling city centre, the iconic Principality Stadium, historic Cardiff Castle, or the verdant Bute Park. But here’s a little-known fact: Cardiff does technically have a beach, known as Splott Beach.

Cardiff bay
Cardiff Bay

Splott Beach, named after the area it’s found in, is located to the east of Cardiff Bay, near the mouth of the River Severn. Now, this isn’t your traditional beach with golden sands and the typical seaside atmosphere. It’s more of an industrial area with views of the steelworks on the other side of the river, and the pebbly shore is more suited to birdwatching than sunbathing.

For these reasons, Splott Beach isn’t as popular for a beach day out compared to some of the other more traditional beaches in the surrounding area. But if you’re interested in exploring a lesser-known part of Cardiff and getting a different perspective on the city, Splott Beach might be worth a visit.

Southerndown Beach
Southerdown beach

Now, if you’re looking for a more classic beach experience, there are plenty of fantastic beaches just a short drive from Cardiff. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Barry Island: Only 30 minutes from Cardiff, Barry Island is a top beach destination. It boasts a beautiful sandy beach, food stalls along the promenade, and a lively funfair.

2. Penarth Beach: A quick 15-minute drive away, this lovely pebble beach offers scenic views from Penarth Pier, a Victorian-era landmark.

3. Southerndown: A little further away (about a 40-minute drive), Southerndown, also known as Dunraven Bay, is part of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and is known for its stunning cliffs and wide sandy beach at low tide.

4. Porthcawl: Porthcawl, also about a 40-minute drive from Cardiff, offers a selection of beaches to enjoy. From the popular surfer’s spot at Rest Bay to the family-friendly Trecco Bay, there’s a beach to suit everyone.

5. Merthyr Mawr: If you’re after sand dunes, Merthyr Mawr, just 30 minutes from Cardiff, is your place. This beach boasts some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe and a peaceful sandy beach.

Penarth beach
Penarth beach

In conclusion, while Cardiff does technically have its own beach, Splott Beach, it’s a bit of an unconventional choice and often overlooked in favour of other nearby, more traditional beaches. But the beauty of being in Cardiff is that you’re never too far from a fabulous beach, whether you’re after a bustling seaside atmosphere or a more peaceful spot. Happy exploring!

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