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  1. Short-term student storage ideas in Cardiff (Christmas edition) 🎄

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    It’s that time of year again! Bells are ringing, children are singing, and boxes are starting to take over your student bedroom… yikes! 🎅

    As we know, Father Christmas twinkles kindly upon those of us who tidy and sort away our clutter, keeping boxes and bags to a minimum over the festive period. It helps keep corridors clear for his crucial visit on Christmas Eve!

    So, Santa’s asked us to ‘do a collab’ (whatever that means) and release this blog on his behalf, full of ho-ho-helpful ideas for short-term storage in Cardiff this Christmas, so all the lovely students can stay on his ‘nice list’…


    #1 – Use breezybox for cheap, short-term student storage from just £5.95

    The perfect short-term student storage at Christmas! Our low price, flexible storage by the box service does it all.

    It means you don’t have to drag all your bulky stuff & prized possessions miles down the motorway back to your parents. No need to fill the car when you could fill our van instead!

    How it works:

    • Order your breezybox service & choose what you want to store
    • We deliver your boxes, marker pen, bubble wrap & tape
    • We’ll come back on your chosen date to collect your boxes
    • Hey presto! Your storage is magically disappeared to our safe & secure site 😁

    Prices start at £5.95 for 1 x medium box and we’re collecting up until Christmas Eve morning for the ultimate convenience.

    Book now

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside


    #2 – Club together with your mates to fill a whole unit 🚫

    This is certainly an option. Booking a unit together keeps the costs down but it does mean you have to sort transport, packaging and logistics yourself.

    A bit like a group uni project, no one wants to get lumped with all the responsibility – so maybe sorting your own personal storage is key!


    Student house


    #3 – Leave your stuff in your student halls (or house) over Christmas 🚫

    Whatever type of digs you live in, it’s been found that ‘almost 70% of student accommodation is empty during the holidays making it the perfect time for criminals to strike’*.

    The houses in student zones (like Cathays in Cardiff) become empty overnight, so every house is an easy target for burglaries and there aren’t any neighbours to ward them off either!

    So, while you could fit a lock on your door, it’d have to be a high grade, professional quality lock – and even a great lock can’t keep a room safe if the door is weak or easy to batter in.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t risk leaving hundreds of pounds of precious items unsecured this Christmas!

    *Burglary Safety For Students This Christmas, safe.co.uk


    Messy bedroom full of student storage at Christmas


    #4 – Bring it all home to your parents’ house 🚫

    For some of us, our parents would struggle to come get us and our stuff – perhaps the car’s too small or cluttered already… and then it’s about finding a place to put it all!

    But you can’t avoid the fact that whether it’s musical instruments and electric amps, or photography equipment and power tools – whatever unusual societies you’ve joined this year, you’ll have high value stuff that burglars want to get their hands on.

    So it has to be safe and secure somewhere! Even if you do manage to lug it all down the M4, you definitely won’t want to clutter up your childhood room for weeks on end – so keeping it safe in storage is the way to go.

    And by using breezybox, the only thing YOU have to do is pack the boxes! Leaving more free time for festive nights out and panic buying presents on the 22nd December 🎁


    Book breezybox – easy student storage in time for Christmas

    We’re collecting boxes up ’til Christmas Eve morning!

    029 20 361 361


    07756 021187

    Book your breezybox


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  2. blue self storage wins European Container Storage Facility of the Year 2021!

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    We’re very excited to share the news that blue self storage Llanishen is officially the European Container Storage Facility of the Year 2021!

    Llanishen, our second storage site in Cardiff, is the winning facility and was announced 2 nights ago (21/09/21) at the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA) Awards, held in Birmingham.

    We’re incredibly proud of the award – especially after our Llanishen site has only been open for just over a year. That’s an incredible achievement and we’d like to congratulate and thank all our hard working staff for their efforts in successfully launching and running the site since June 2020.

    Three of our team were there to collect the award and celebrate in style – they snapped some photos (see below) and travelled back to Cardiff as champions!

    We’d like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who made this possible. Our team has worked tirelessly hard since the site has opened in June 2020 and fully deserve all the recognition and this fantastic award. Thank you, all!

    Dean, Chris and Jamie collecting the award!

    blue self storage wins European Storage Container Facility of the Year 2021 at the FEDESSA Awards

    Just before they made the winner announcement… Any second now…

    blue self storage wins European Storage Container Facility of the Year 2021

    We won! Here’s our beautiful trophy in all its glory.

    blue self storage wins European Storage Container Facility of the Year 2021

    And another photo! Isn’t it b-e-a-uuutiful?

    Say hello to blue self storage, European Container Storage Facility of the Year 2021 – it’s got quite a ring to it!


    More info about the awards

    Held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole on 21st September 2021, the awards culminated the 2 day FEDESSA Conference & Trade Show 2021.

    It was a packed programme full of interesting talks and speakers; in fact, our own Managing Director Chris Bryan hosted the first ever Container Breakout sessions at a FEDESSA conference. The topic was Setting up and expanding your container store, a concept we’ve been very busy with over the last 2 years!

    It was fantastic to be involved with the event and we’re already getting excited about attending next year’s show – watch this space!

    Book self storage in Cardiff or Tyneside

    Llanishen storage Wentloog storage Tyneside storage

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  3. Customer spotlight: The team using portable power to energise your lifestyle

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    Right now, it’s important to share the love and lift each other up – in our latest blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on companies doing fantastic work who deserve to be recognised for it.

    For this interview, we speak to Jason Ham of Power 2GO, a blue self storage customer since the end of 2020. Co-founded by Mervyn Ham, Power-2GO provides highly portable, zero carbon, lithium power products for leisure and business.

    This innovative brand exists to ‘energise your lifestyle’, offering portable power products to keep you connected wherever you are – and they’re more affordable than other brands selling the same products (result!).

    Their EcoFlow range is brand new to the UK, meaning Power 2GO – and their customers – are at the forefront of revolutionary portable power in Britain ⚡️

    Hi Jason! What does Power 2GO do?

    We’re a distributor in the UK and Europe for the EcoFlow range of portable power products.

    The Power 2GO Office Pod

    Our aim is to provide flexible battery power to support the modern lifestyle, whether at work, home or leisure. We hope to change the way people access and consume power with convenience and sustainability.

    We’ve sold our products to contractors, musicians, film makers, telecoms engineers, drone pilots, fleet managers, off grid nomads, camper van lovers… We’ve even had interest from a rat-catcher!

    It’s been a tough time for businesses – how has Power 2GO adapted during lockdown?

    Well, as a new company formed at the end of 2020, we’ve worked with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, and are excited to develop over the coming year.

    As lockdowns ease and more people can enjoy the outdoors – particularly as camping and caravanning will be one of the safest ways to go on holiday – we’ll likely be advising a lot more customers on how to stay powered and connected, on the go.

    Photo: LandyCampers – Max Isham Photography

    Why do you use blue self storage?

    As a new start-up with the need for business storage in Cardiff, the blue self storage Cardiff location offered us an immediate answer to our problem, with accessible and secure local facilities.

    The particular perks for us were the 24/7 access, secure grounds, insulated and waterproof units, and flexible lease terms.

    Team members Jason & Alin at their Cardiff storage unit

    So, what exactly do your products do?!

    Solar power for the world!

    Our range of power systems can charge many different devices; anytime, anywhere!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a tradesman who needs power for equipment onsite, or a family who want to power appliances and devices while camping or caravanning – one of our products is the right fit for you.

    The portable systems are easy to ‘pick up and go’ wherever, but we’ll soon be offering a solar panel (available 19th March 2021). It’s foldable with its own carry case, allowing you to harness renewable power anywhere.

    And when you charge it from the mains, it’s actually the fastest-charging unit in the world – quite a feat!

    Photo: Power 2GO

    What’s next in the pipeline for your business?

    We look forward to continued growth and adding to our fantastic range of products to deliver convenient and flexible power for both trade and consumer markets.

    We’ve just started an affiliates program too, meaning more people can get involved & earn money by making referrals! (Contact info@power-2go.com for more details).

    We’re on a mission to help support every lifestyle, by providing a portable system that is an essential piece of equipment to keep technology and appliances powered. Our solar panel product helps customers reduce their carbon footprint, which is so important, but our portable power stations are the perfect solution for our collective ‘plug in power’ lifestyle.

    Introducing our ‘customer spotlight’ series

    It’s been a hard year for businesses in South Wales and across the UK, dealing with projects on hold, staff at home and other pandemic-related difficulties. But through good times or bad, these companies are the backbone of our national economy.

    So that’s why we’re launching our brand new ‘customer spotlight’ series, celebrating our business & commercial storage customers who use us to save space & stay focused in challenging times.

    We’d like to say a huge thanks to Jason at Power 2GO for the interview!

    Read our other ‘customer spotlight’ interviews:

    Want your business featured in the next ‘customer spotlight’? Get in touch…

    Book your smart & affordable storage in Cardiff

    Llanishen storage Wentloog storage

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  4. Our practical guide to clearing out your house during lockdown

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    It’s 2021 at last! And never before has clearing out your house and starting afresh been sooo needed.

    Clearing out for storage, charity and recycling is the perfect way to reset and refresh your home; particularly after a year that’s proven how important a calm, happy (and Zoom-call-ready!) home is.

    But how do you clear out & declutter effectively during lockdown? As we remain inside to protect our communities and NHS, with limited allowances for going outside, it feels an impossible task to actually get rid of your old items.

    However, there are ways to complete your clear out, in a safe and ethical way. You can even make a difference to local charities or people while you do it!

    So if you’re ready to sort out and declutter, use our helpful, lockdown-friendly guide to clearing out your house & saying goodbye to 2020, once and for all 👇

    Please note that during Tier 4 lockdown, blue self storage is only open for critical & essential workers. So while you might not be able to access your unit at the moment, you can still get ‘storage ready’ for when you can! See all Covid-19 updates →

    Useful tips to get started

    Sometimes, the whim to start clearing out your house will take you by surprise – other times, you really need to pray for motivation!

    So the first thing to do is to block off a couple of hours and stick to the time you choose.

    Going through your rooms, wardrobes and under the bed can be an arduous task, so use these tips to stay focused:

    • If you’re doing this with a family member, agree which rooms you’ll each tackle, and which you’ll sort together
    • Plug in your earphones & listen to a podcast – it requires more focus than music, and you don’t want to get distracted by the stuff you unearth
    • Following on from that… If you find nostalgic or sentimental objects, don’t let it distract you – put them aside to look at later
    • Take tea or biscuit breaks during the process but set a break timer for 10 minutes only
    • Open ALL the windows in your house – you’ll get hot really quickly and you can let fresh air in (essential when you’re disturbing old dust)
    • When clearing out spaces, leave them clear – don’t try to fill them up or ‘shuffle’ around furniture to fit – this comes later
    • Avoid putting piles of stuff on your bed or tables; you’ll only have to move it again later
    • Found mould? Use mould spray or bleach and water to wipe the wall or ceiling, and use a hairdryer to dry off quickly*

    *When using mould spray or bleach, pop on one of your face masks, open windows, and do it early enough in the day that you won’t still smell it going to sleep

    Sort into limited piles

    Our top tip is always: know your destinations. Have you got stuff to give to charity? Things beyond repair that can be recycled?

    Sort your things into 5 main categories:

    1. Charity
    2. Other optional donations (like giving away for free on Facebook groups)
    3. Recycling centre
    4. Rubbish
    5. Storage

    Then use a sharpie to label green recycling bags or cardboard boxes with ‘charity’, ‘recycling’ etc, and try to put items in the correct bag/box as soon as you sort them.

    If you just move them to another surface, you’ll create more work for yourself – and you’ll be at risk of ‘reassessing’ them later, where your conviction might waver.

    And be strong – don’t let yourself create extra piles like ‘Might Want This Later’ or ‘Can’t Decide Right Now’. A good rule of thumb is, if you forgot you had it & haven’t used it in 6-12 months, give it away.

    Use our storage boxes for easy packing when clearing out your house

    Get storage-savvy

    For all the stuff you want to keep in storage, our crucial, #1 tip is: use identical boxes, and don’t fill them too full.

    Instead of a higgledy-piggledy jumble of sharp edges and sliding piles, the boxes make it easier and neater to stack inside your house, until you can visit your storage unit or donate the items.

    And something we’re all guilty of is over-filling the box because you can tidy things away quicker. Your back won’t thank you for it later, so keep the weight manageable and don’t be afraid to use extra boxes when you need them.

    Pack & protect your treasures

    Even if it feels like a pain, wrap and secure your more delicate objects in bubble wrap, plastic bags, tissue paper – whatever you have to hand that will keep them safe.

    We know, it’s annoying, but you’ll be so glad you did when you unpack them in the future.

    *NEW* – Get your packaging materials delivered!

    It’s hard getting all the stuff you need for packing during lockdown – so to make it easy for customers, we’re running a limited time offer where we’ll deliver all the packaging materials you need to your home!

    From boxes to bubble wrap, from mattress covers to masking tape, order what you need via email or phone and we’ll deliver to you*.

    View packaging prices →

    *T+Cs apply. See bottom of this blog for info.

    Clearing out your house - useful tips

    Offload unwanted items

    Once you’ve identified the stuff that’s not for storage and sorted it into ‘charity’ | ‘local giveaway’ | ‘recycling’ | ‘rubbish’ piles, here’s how you can offload your things in a sustainable way.

    Option 1: Donate to a recycling centre’s charity containers

    While charity shops remain closed under lockdown, recycling centres (on the whole) are open.

    Lamby Way, a recycling centre helpfully located on the way to our Wentloog storage location, has charity containers for books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, bikes and more.

    View Lamby Way recycling centre on Google Maps →

    Please check restrictions before planning your visit.

    Option 2: Donate to those who need it most

    Your old kettle or GCSE English textbook could be just the thing someone desperately needs; particularly when we’re confined to our own 4 walls with no real shopping opportunities.

    Our lovely sponsored charity, Cerebral Palsy Cymru (CPC), are always grateful for donations to fill their 4 shops – and while they can’t accept donations at the moment, they’re asking for people to save up their donations for when they can accept them. This is the ideal time to use those proper packaging boxes for a streamlined charity pile!

    They’d particularly love your pre-loved clothes, toys, books and bric-a-brac for post-lockdown donations – not only that, but if the pandemic has inspired you to help out wherever possible after lockdown, they’d love to hear from shop volunteers! (Email fundraising@cerebralpalsycymru.org for a chat).

    The CPC team are also pleased to report that their free storage unit at our Llanishen facility has come in hugely handy for storing seasonal items and Christmas donations – so thank you to all who donated their things over the festive season.

    And to give away any smaller, quality items, British Heart Foundation is running a freepost donation service, where you can send your donations to them for free from your nearest Collect+ location – result!

    Option 3: Give away to family, friends & neighbours

    You can also find Facebook groups dedicated to helping your local community, like this Covid-19 Support and Positivity Cardiff group who welcome helpful items listed for free. For selling, use groups like South Wales Sales or sites like Cardiff Freeads.

    For super local giveaways, why not take photos of your items and share with your friends and family? You never know what someone needs – you might have just the thing!

    And if you’re not using luxury items or high-value stuff, perhaps you could know a frontline worker (maybe a teacher, a doctor, a nurse) who could do with a boost and your generosity – it could make their week.

    Clearing out your house for storage, donations, recycling

    More about our practical ‘clearing out your house’ guide

    The New Year is a hugely popular time for clearing out your house and decluttering; it marks a fresh start, and never has there been a year more appropriate for this than 2021.

    Okay, the usual ‘new year, new me’ isn’t quite welcome this time around – but if you can’t face attempting Dry January, and your typical ‘join the gym’ resolution can’t be realised, there are still ways to refresh & restart for the coming year, and that’s through your home.

    While we stay inside during UK-wide lockdowns, our thoughts turn to our immediate surroundings. Are our homes feeling calm and prepared for a new year? Is it a space of ‘zen’?

    If you’re thinking this, you’re not alone; UK homeowners spent an incredible £55 billion on home renovations since March 2020, making our nests more comfortable and Zoom-call-ready.

    But if this trend passed you by, or if you’ve somehow accumulated more ‘stuff’ than you’ve lost, now’s the perfect time for a New Year house clear out.

    And while you may not be able to offload all your clutter during lockdown restrictions, you can use our useful tips to get ready and prepared for when you can. Happy clearing!

    Book your smart & affordable 24/7 storage in Cardiff or Tyneside

    Llanishen storage Wentloog storage Tyneside storage

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    *Packaging materials delivered to your home: T+Cs apply

    Delivering packaging materials to customers is something we are currently trialling as a limited time offer. Available upon rental of a storage unit (or for customers with existing storage units).

    Available for customers within the Cardiff area only. Available on the assumption we have adequate staffing available – in the unlikely circumstance of staff illness or shortage, we may postpone your delivery but will inform you as soon as possible.

    To purchase materials, choose what you’d like to buy from our packaging page and get in touch at info@blueselfstorage.co.uk or 029 20 361 361 where payment can be taken over the phone.

    We’ll aim to deliver your materials within the next few business days after purchase, but deliveries may be subject to local COVID restrictions.

  5. Wales ‘firebreak’ lockdown ends: blue self storage facility update [Monday 9th Nov]

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    *Monday 9th November update*

    As Wales’ national firebreak lockdown ends today, we’d like to assure our customers that both our Cardiff storage sites – in Wentloog and Llanishen – are back open as normal, to all our customers.

    All of our regular security measures remain in place, and our remote sign-up system is still in effect.

    We’re fully committed to the health and safety of our customers and staff, and will continue operating both our Wentloog and Llanishen storage sites in accordance with the official guidance.

    Dean Daly gives a tour of blue self storage Llanishen storage facility

    Visiting your storage unit

    All customers can now visit their storage units like normal.

    Llanishen self storage in Cardiff

    New storage bookings

    For brand new storage customers, we’re currently operating a remote sign-up service:

    1. Get in touch via our social media, email us at info@blueselfstorage.co.uk, phone us on 02920 361 361 or message us via our contact form.
    2. We’ll take you through our booking process & take card payments over the phone
    3. You can provide any of your ID documentation by scanning & sending via email, to info@blueselfstorage.co.uk
    4. We’ll leave your keys, unit number and any ID pass you may need with our trusted security team at the gates

    New Llanishen Site for blue self storage

    Health & safety measures at our sites

    The health and safety of our customers is absolutely paramount to us – as is protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. It’s up to all of us to keep other safe and protected in potentially dangerous situations.

    We’re monitoring and adhering to the advice given by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In March 2020, we implemented stringent measures in our storage facilities to minimise risk and keep our customers safe.

    We’re offering new customers a remote sign-up service, all done from the comfort of their sofa! This eliminates the need for face-to-face contact, so you can book your storage unit safely.

    To book remotely, email us at info@blueselfstorage.co.uk, phone us on 02920 361 361 or message us via our contact form.

    Other health & safety measures at our facilities include:

    • We have instructed our cleaners to increase their disinfectant routines
    • Hand sanitisers have been placed around the site along with extra signage
    • Staff regularly wipe door handles, push plates, card terminals, telephones and all contactable areas
    • We have placed disposable gloves on our caravan/motorhome wash facilities
    • We have placed a drop-off box for vacating customers returning locks and ID cards
    • We are encouraging customers to ring through any queries rather than visit the office
    • We’ll be updating our customers via our social media channels to keep you informed
    • We operate a closed door policy – we manage customers remotely or from our temporary holding office
    • All our staff have their temperature recorded daily before starting work on a thermal image camera
    • Our facilities are registered NHS track & trace businesses
    • Protection screens have been put in place to protect customers and staff
    • Extra signage around site to help customers maintain social distancing
    • We provide face masks for anyone who has forgotten them!

    blue self storage in cardiff - our security patrols

    Security at our sites

    Rest assured, our security remains at FULL capacity. Our security teams are working hard 24/7, as usual, to keep your units & vehicles safe. We also have a reserve of security personnel on standby, should we need them.

    Please be assured that providing high-level security is our utmost priority, as always.

    Despite current restrictions imposed across the UK, our customers should be in no doubt that our security carries on at full capacity, including:

    • 24/7 monitored CCTV surveillance
    • Security team on-site – 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Regular security patrols with dogs
    • Manned entry-point with ID required
    • Alarmed perimeter fencing

    blue self storage in cardiff

    Roz, accounts team, blue self storage cardiffWe’re here to answer your questions

    If you have any questions at all regarding how we’re dealing with Covid-19, or anything else storage-related, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Call: 02920 361 361
    Email: info@blueselfstorage.co.uk
    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

    Thanks for reading and please stay safe,

    The blue self storage team