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  1. Rewind & unpack – 80s anthems: Playlist of the month

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    We’re music-lovers and playlist-explorers at blue self storage – and we want to spread the love!

    We’re making and sharing our monthly Spotify playlists – playlists that are sometimes linked to storage, sometimes not, but always guaranteed to be full of bangthems.

    Search blueselfstorage over on Spotify or click here to see the playlists we’re pumping out to help you move it & groove it.

    This time, we’re sharing an epic guide through the synth-pop-power-rock-love-ballads that defined a very special decade…

    Rewind & unpack: 1980s anthems playlist from blue self storage - cover image

    Rewind & unpack: 1980s anthems

    When Bowie reigned supreme and films were good – remember the days?! We’re taking you back in time with this epic playlist.

    It’s not a John Hughes movie but it might as well be. We’re talking bouffant hair, power shoulders, mixtapes and potato salad in a tin.

    From the glory days of David Hasselhoff and portable pagers comes this mega-compilation of power rock, ballads, and more synth than any human can handle – this is the ultimate 80s playlist.

    Who’s on ‘Rewind & unpack: 1980s anthems’?

    Enjoy the songs you loved-but-might-have-forgotten, from artists like Toto, Alphaville, Soft Cell, Erasure, Culture Club and more.

    Of course, we couldn’t ignore legends of the decade like The Human League, Tears for Fears and Simple Minds – is it possible to make an 80s playlist without them? Who would try?!

    Play ‘1980s anthems’ on Spotify

    Get more blue self storage ‘playlists of the month’ – check out summer’s edition, ‘Camping & chill‘.

    Who’s on your perfect eighties soundtrack?

    Got a go-to artist or album? Let us know on the socials and let’s build this playlist together!

  2. Camping & Chill: Playlist of the month

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    We are massive music fans here at blue self storage – absolutely massive.

    So much so, that we’re making Spotify playlists (loosely, like super loosely) linked to all the storage things we do!

    Search blueselfstorage over on Spotify or click here to see the playlists we’re pumping out to help you move. But while you’re here, let’s focus on this month’s list of laidback jams…

    Caravan & chill cover for caravan referral scheme page

    Camping & Chill

    If you’re itching to head down the Gower or West Wales as much as we are then we’ve got the perfect sonic tonic for you guys. We’re talking chill out, we’re talking ambient, we’re talking lo-fi hip hop radio to study/relax to… quite simply, Camping & Chill is the ultimate soundtrack to unwind to in your caravan, camper, or motorhome.

    Listen on desktop

    Who’s on Camping & Chill?

    Despite starting with Sigur Rós and featuring Bill Withers and Sampha, we’ve taken an electronic path with this playlist. Hit play and you can expect Bonobo, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shlohmo and other artists than don’t end in an O. Who exactly? You can wrap your ears around electronic dons like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Four Tet, as well as Vangelis, Actress, and Oneohtrix Point Never to name quite a few…

    Play Camping & Chill via Spotify app

    Who’s on your perfect summer soundtrack when you go camping?

    Got a go-to artist or album when you whip out the deckchairs? Let us know on the socials and let’s build this playlist together!


    And keep checking back here on blue self storage for more playlists of the month. Oh, and do you have an idea for a killer playlist that we need to add to our Spotify? Don’t be shy – give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter, or whichever network you prefer.

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