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  1. Year in review: 10 highlights from 2021

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    2021 was full of exciting new challenges and plenty of good stuff – it’s time to reflect!

    We never take our company achievements for granted – that’s why it’s important to stop and look back on a year’s worth of hard work and new opportunities.

    Our team have worked incredibly hard for another year running to make sure we’re delivering the best quality service for customers – whether we’re opening new facilities or rolling out a fresh service, they’re always on hand to give you the best experience possible!

    And it’s thanks to them, and the work we put in last year, that we’ve achieved SO much in 2021! Here’s a little rundown…

    Looking a little deeper, in 2021 we:

    We were awarded the prestigious trophy at the FEDESSA awards in Birmingham in autumn 2021, for our Llanishen facility. It was such a fantastic signifier of our team’s hard work getting the site launched and to the high standards our customers enjoy.

    For many of our customers, we’re a local brand embedded in our hometown of Cardiff – but through our family network of businesses, we’ve got close ties with Tyneside. That’s why it made sense to make our next hub in North Shields, Tyneside!

    • Signed up 1,397 customers

    Whether it was a unit (or multiple!), a caravan plot, vehicle storage, warehousing space – lots of you came to us for storage solutions in 2021! We were proud to welcome so many new customers to our 3 facilities.

    • Received 421 5-star reviews

    One thing we can be assured of – our customers like to chat! We were thrilled to receive a whopping 421 reviews giving 5 stars for our staff and service ★★★★★

    Along with The Maltings Document Storage Solutions, we donated £5,000 to a charity close to our hearts. We visited the Penarth hospice to officially donate the sum, which will go towards providing more incredible end-of-life care.

    But that’s not all – our staff, customers and friends were sharing the love and generosity in 2021, so we were able to organise and donate 470kg of food and essential items to a food bank in Llanrumney to help the local community.

    • Trained staff on mental health and well-being

    We’re always looking to improve our service, and that starts with a happy, healthy team. We provided dedicated training for our staff to recognise and understand a wide variety of mental health issues.

    • Achieved 5.0 rating on TrustPilot

    We’re proud to have successfully unlocked a 5.0 rating! Again, it’s made possible by the work and dedication of our lovely team – and we’re pleased our customers are happy with their experience 😊

    • Introduced electric car charging points

    As part of our ongoing commitment to more sustainable ways of working, and reducing our environmental impact, we introduced electric car charging points so e-car owners could rest assured they could visit with no issues.

    • Increased our storage capacity by 31,584 sq ft

    We just needed a little more… space! We’re constantly growing and evolving our facilities to meet demand whilst retaining our high standards. Simply put, that equates to 658 of our smallest units, at 48 sq ft each!

    Our new, dedicated ‘storage by the box’ service for Cardiff gives everyone a fair chance to access high quality storage – even if you don’t drive, or can’t visit our site in person.

    A lot of what happened in 2021 was made possible by our fantastic customers and their continued support, so we’d like to say a huge thanks to you all!

    What will 2022 bring? …watch this space!

    Book self storage in Cardiff or Tyneside

    Llanishen storage Wentloog storage Tyneside storage

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  2. blue self storage staff & customers help to donate 470kg of food to Cardiff charities at Christmas

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    This year, we decided to scrap Secret Santa and opt for something a bit more charitable and meaningful.

    We asked our colleagues and customers to put their money towards helping other people by collecting food for local charities – and the response was staggering!

    On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th December, we were able to visit Cardiff Foodbank and Llanrumney Hall Community Trust respectively to donate boxes upon boxes of food, toiletries, cleaning products and other critical things so desperately needed by local families. The total weight donated was approx 470kg spread across boxes, crates and bags.

    Our staff, customers, clients and friends spent weeks helping us to build our pile of donations – and we were finally able to drop them off last week. Together with our storage customers CMB Engineering, the company who took on the Llamrumney Hall project and restored the site to its former glory, we delivered the boxes to the impressive manor house.

    View our gallery👇

    Sharon and the team carried the boxes in…

    The CMB Engineering team helped cart in all the stuff!

    The donated food and essentials will help to reduce food poverty in Cardiff East

    L-R: Dean, Sharon, Steven, Bertie, Rhiannon

    The blue self storage and CMB Engineering teams with the hard-working Pantry staff in the middle

    Dean with Bertie and Steven Borley from CMB Engineering

    The Llanrumney Hall pantry ‘is a community facility that aims to reduce food poverty in Cardiff East and provide affordable and accessible food and household essentials to the local community’.

    “Due to Covid, we’re seeing a lot more people stuck in food poverty traps but the work that people like Marcus Rashford have done has really helped to raise awareness of the issue,” said Dean Daly, Operations Manager of blue self storage. “We have a huge and incredibly generous customer base, and with everyone giving a little, we’ve been able to give a lot.”

    Steven Borley, CMB Engineering

    “It’s fantastic to have companies like blue self storage pitch in and help as well. It’s a great charity that really does a lot for the people of east Cardiff,” Bertie added.

    On the Llanrumney Hall Community Trust itself, Steven Borley said: “This is a family project for us as we grew up locally and employ a lot of people from around here. Before we took it on, it was ripe for being burned down and destroyed; now we’ve invested approximately 2 million pounds into the projects with the help of the council, the lottery and other funders. We’ve turned it back into a country house full of myth and mystery, as it should be.”

    We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards our festive food collection; the donations were gratefully received by both Cardiff Foodbank and Llanrumney Hall Community Trust pantry.

    Hopefully this small act of kindness will go a long way towards helping those less fortunate this Christmas.

    Special thanks to the following for their generous donations – together we made it happen!

    • Maltings Document Storage Solutions
    • Amitech IT Ltd
    • A-Team Security – UK
    • Commercial Transfer
    • SET
    • M4 Freight
    • Complete Office Moves
    • Vanza_uk
    • Tony Costello
    • Wal Islam
    • A1 Bodyshop
    • PA Promotions
    • Asad Qadeer

    Why we’re focused on charity & community

    Our commitment to helping local charities is led by the people in our team. All of us will and have been affected by various issues at times, and all of us know what it’s like to see friends, family and loved ones struggle with different matters.

    Whether it’s losing a friend to cancer, watching a parent struggle with an illness, or feeling inspired by a friend battling a mental health issue, the endless reasons to support hard-working charities are all around us.

    How we’ve helped local causes during Covid-19…


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  3. Short-term student storage ideas in Cardiff (Christmas edition) 🎄

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    It’s that time of year again! Bells are ringing, children are singing, and boxes are starting to take over your student bedroom… yikes! 🎅

    As we know, Father Christmas twinkles kindly upon those of us who tidy and sort away our clutter, keeping boxes and bags to a minimum over the festive period. It helps keep corridors clear for his crucial visit on Christmas Eve!

    So, Santa’s asked us to ‘do a collab’ (whatever that means) and release this blog on his behalf, full of ho-ho-helpful ideas for short-term storage in Cardiff this Christmas, so all the lovely students can stay on his ‘nice list’…


    #1 – Use breezybox for cheap, short-term student storage from just £5.95

    The perfect short-term student storage at Christmas! Our low price, flexible storage by the box service does it all.

    It means you don’t have to drag all your bulky stuff & prized possessions miles down the motorway back to your parents. No need to fill the car when you could fill our van instead!

    How it works:

    • Order your breezybox service & choose what you want to store
    • We deliver your boxes, marker pen, bubble wrap & tape
    • We’ll come back on your chosen date to collect your boxes
    • Hey presto! Your storage is magically disappeared to our safe & secure site 😁

    Prices start at £5.95 for 1 x medium box and we’re collecting up until Christmas Eve morning for the ultimate convenience.

    Book now

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside


    #2 – Club together with your mates to fill a whole unit 🚫

    This is certainly an option. Booking a unit together keeps the costs down but it does mean you have to sort transport, packaging and logistics yourself.

    A bit like a group uni project, no one wants to get lumped with all the responsibility – so maybe sorting your own personal storage is key!


    Student house


    #3 – Leave your stuff in your student halls (or house) over Christmas 🚫

    Whatever type of digs you live in, it’s been found that ‘almost 70% of student accommodation is empty during the holidays making it the perfect time for criminals to strike’*.

    The houses in student zones (like Cathays in Cardiff) become empty overnight, so every house is an easy target for burglaries and there aren’t any neighbours to ward them off either!

    So, while you could fit a lock on your door, it’d have to be a high grade, professional quality lock – and even a great lock can’t keep a room safe if the door is weak or easy to batter in.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t risk leaving hundreds of pounds of precious items unsecured this Christmas!

    *Burglary Safety For Students This Christmas, safe.co.uk


    Messy bedroom full of student storage at Christmas


    #4 – Bring it all home to your parents’ house 🚫

    For some of us, our parents would struggle to come get us and our stuff – perhaps the car’s too small or cluttered already… and then it’s about finding a place to put it all!

    But you can’t avoid the fact that whether it’s musical instruments and electric amps, or photography equipment and power tools – whatever unusual societies you’ve joined this year, you’ll have high value stuff that burglars want to get their hands on.

    So it has to be safe and secure somewhere! Even if you do manage to lug it all down the M4, you definitely won’t want to clutter up your childhood room for weeks on end – so keeping it safe in storage is the way to go.

    And by using breezybox, the only thing YOU have to do is pack the boxes! Leaving more free time for festive nights out and panic buying presents on the 22nd December 🎁


    Book breezybox – easy student storage in time for Christmas

    We’re collecting boxes up ’til Christmas Eve morning!

    029 20 361 361


    07756 021187

    Book your breezybox


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  4. 5 reasons to use breezybox, our easy new storage collection service

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    Did you catch the news? We’ve just launched breezybox, our new ‘storage by the box’ collection service!

    What is ?

    breezybox is the fast and convenient way to arrange storage and store your valued items without leaving the house.

    We’ll deliver all the boxes and packaging you need. Simply fill up the boxes and we’ll return to collect them when you’re ready. We’ll then transport and safely store your items at your nearest blue self storage facility.

    Prices start at £5.95 per box, per month – so if you stored 3 boxes, that’s still £42.15 cheaper than hiring our smallest unit!

    Check out our breezybox service

    Not sure whether breezybox is right for you? Here are 5 reasons it just might be…

    breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

    1. You don’t have enough items to fill a whole storage unit

    Do you have a few bulky items that just won’t fit in the flat?

    Often, our customers have one or two awkward items that they’d like to keep for the future, but don’t have space for right now.

    If you don’t have enough stuff to fill a whole storage unit, but removing a few items would make a big difference to the way you use your home, breezybox is a great option for you.

    With breezybox, you don’t need to go to the expense of reserving a whole storage unit. You simply pay for the storage you need, saving you extra costs.

    breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

    2. You’re moving home or downsizing

    Knowing what to do with your possessions when you’re moving home or changing offices can sometimes be tricky.

    While your new place might have enough room for all your items, there’s often some downtime between moving out and receiving your new set of keys.

    That’s why breezybox is ideal if you need to temporarily store items. It saves you the hassle of attending a storage facility – that’s one less thing to worry about when you move out.

    storage by the box service in Cardiff - men roll on skateboard with boxes

    3. You don’t have your own vehicle

    Have you ever tried taking a canoe, a trombone and a comic book collection on public transport? You get some funny looks…

    If you don’t have a car or a van, getting your items to a storage facility can sometimes be a struggle.

    breezybox saves you the expense of hiring a vehicle; we’ll deliver your boxes to a nearby blue self storage unit on your behalf.

    Couple walking happy with boxes - introducing breezybox by blue self storage

    4. You’re going on holiday (or returning home for the summer)

    If you’re jet-setting around the world on the trip of a lifetime, or you’re an international student returning home to spend time with family over the summer, you don’t want to worry about valuable items getting stolen.

    breezybox acts as a temporary safe for your valuables. Our round-the-clock security ensures your precious items are always protected.

    5. You have seasonal hobbies taking up space

    Skiing, scuba diving, camping… the greatest hobbies usually come with a wardrobe’s-worth of equipment.

    If you’re not using seasonal equipment year-round, then storing it at home can become frustrating, especially if you have a small home or you’re sharing with multiple tenants.

    breezybox lets you store items when you don’t need them and easily retrieve them when it’s time. That way, your hobbies remain joys, not chores.

    You pack it up, we pack it in!

    breezybox is a great option for busy people or those with limited space at home. It’s a speedy service that’s super easy to use.

    Want to try it? Learn more about our storage collection service and fill out the order form.

    Book your breezybox

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  5. Enter our big birthday competition and win 3 amazing prizes!

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    We’re celebrating our 2nd birthday this July and we want you to celebrate with us!

    It’s officially 2 years since we changed from Cardiff Self Storage & emerged into a beautiful blue butterfly that is blue self storage – they grow up so fast, don’t they? 😢

    So, to celebrate our anniversary birthday, we’re running a fantastic competition for customers, to thank you for all your loyal support so far!

    Over to our Storage Coordinator Rhi who’ll tell you everything you need to know…

    In a nutshell, we’re inviting all our Cardiff & Tyneside customers to enter our competition!

    Simply submit your details below and you’ll be entered into our massive prize draw. You could win…

    First prize

    A £100 meal for 2 at a restaurant of your choice in your locality. Yum!


    Second prize

    1 month’s free storage at any of our storage sites for existing customers. The prize will be credited to your account – so that’s one less bill to pay for a whole month!


    Third prize

    A £50 gift card via Cardiff Gift Card [for Cardiff customers] or the Tyne Collective [for Newcastle customers] that you can spend with a variety of local businesses.


    Enter our prize draw


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    Meal for two – Please tell us your restaurant of choice and we will put £100 ‘behind the bar’ in your name to spend on food and drinks. Prize must be used within the next 3 months following the competition closing date.

    £50 gift card – In the case of a Cardiff/South Wales winner, we will purchase a £50 gift card from Cardiff Gift Card in your name and send it to you securely. In the case of a Tyneside/Newcastle winner, we will ask for your preferred choice of businesses available through tynecollective.co.uk and purchase a £50 gift card in your name for that business and send it to you securely.

    1 month free storage – Please note this does not include contents insurance which will need to be purchased separately.

    Who can enter – This competition is open to existing customers only and we will be checking entrants’ details against our customer database.

    Closing date – The competition closes at 12pm midday on Thursday 29th July.