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  1. Customer spotlight: A 5-star removals company reinventing house surveys

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    As we near the festive season, it’s a time for sharing the love and lifting each other up – so in our latest blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on companies doing fantastic work who deserve to be recognised for it.

    For this interview, we speak to Alex Ghimpu, Operations Manager & Adrian Stan, Director, of Red Lion Removals – a blue self storage customer since early 2020.

    They’re a family-owned business, founded from a desire to create a moving company that keeps its word and delivers an amazing customer experience.

    Hi guys. What does Red Lion Removals do?

    As the name suggests, we provide removal services all around Europe – but we also provide packing, dismantling and assembling services; making it easier for our customers to get from A to B!

    We’re relatively new, having formed in March 2020, and although we’re based in Cardiff, we serve customers all across the UK and EU.

    We’re very proud to have fantastic reviews from our customers so far, and we’re always trying to beat our own standards of service!

    The Red Lion Removals team at our Llanishen storage facility

    It’s been a tough time for businesses – how has yours adapted during lockdown?

    During lockdown we followed all the guidelines that the government put in place for us, including face masks, social distancing, sanitising and more.

    We also implemented our new ‘video survey’ service, where a customer can walk through the property and show us around via video chat – whether on a tablet, phone or laptop – before we estimate a price.

    It means we completely reduce unnecessary contact and our customers can stay 100% safe – very handy as we’ve had lots of people moving house during lockdown!

    Branded face masks by Red Lion Removals

    Why do you use blue self storage?

    We love the flexibility, location and customer service provided by blue self storage for removal companies – having originally used the Wentloog storage site, we moved to the Llanishen facility once it had opened as it’s so convenient for where a lot of our customers are.

    But also a huge factor is definitely the security. When storing customers’ treasured items, top-level security is an absolute must, and we feel super safe with you guys.

    In general, how does self storage help your business?

    Using self storage is helpful for our customers who have delays between moving out and moving in, for sure, but it also means we can be flexible and offer different options.

    So, what projects are Red Lion Removals working on at the moment?

    We’re always busy with our general removals but our hard-working team is also looking at having a new office in the near future!

    Plus, we’re hoping to open a new branch in a different location, which is exciting. We already serve a wide geographical area with both the UK and EU, so a new base would be ideal.

    COVID-19 has led to a lot of local community help & support – what’s been your favourite ‘community kindness’ story you’ve seen?

    Our favourite stories are definitely of neighbours and people looking after each other, like this sweet friendship between 77-year-old Andy and 31-year-old volunteer Alex in Glasgow.

    Closer to home, lots of Cardiff companies offered help, support and free food to organisations like the NHS, which was incredible to see.

    Introducing our ‘customer spotlight’ series

    It’s been a hard year for businesses in South Wales and across the UK, dealing with projects on hold, staff at home and other pandemic-related difficulties. But through good times or bad, these companies are the backbone of our national economy.

    So that’s why we’re launching our brand new ‘customer spotlight’ series, celebrating our business & commercial storage customers who use us to save space & stay focused in challenging times.

    We’d like to say a huge thanks to Adrian, Alex & Red Lion Removals for the interview – good luck with your next batch of removals!

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  2. ‘Does it spark joy?’ How to get rid of sentimental possessions

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    Welcome to blue self storage’s self-help guide to divesting yourself of emotional baggage and items of sentimental value. Yep, this is a big one!

    Are you wondering how to get rid of sentimental possessions? Can’t quite let an item go? Or have possessions in your home that are loaded with memories but no longer spark joy?

    Lucky for you, blue self storage is here to help you cast off the reins of emotional distress and embrace minimalism – this is one powerful blog!

    Whether it’s heirlooms passed down by parents, mementos from your childhood, or things from your children’s upbringing, we all tend to hold on to items. We invest emotions and memories, both good and bad.

    And if you’ve ever lost a parent or loved one it can be even more difficult to let these items go – leading to clutter, spare rooms filled with someone else’s treasured possessions, arguments, yadda yadda, you get the sad drift.


    How do you know if it ‘sparks joy’?

    Items that spark joy are possessions that would feel crushing to lose – they make you too happy to get rid of.

    The question of items ‘sparking joy’ first came to light in January 2019 (although it was floating about in the popular sphere since 2013 at least).

    It springs from Marie Kondo and her ‘KonMari’ method, which “consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that ‘spark joy’ and choosing a place for everything from then on.”

    She’s a one-woman pioneer for minimalism and sensible living, and we recommend giving her Netflix show a watch.

    We’ve used Marie Kondo’s formula & passion for home decluttering to help you ‘lose the baggage’ for good – trust us, you’ll feel better for giving these items a new home.

    How to get rid of sentimental possessions – 9 easy tips:

    1. Start with the non-sentimental, practical stuff
    2. Say goodbye properly
    3. Take photos and digitize your memories
    4. Repurpose items to breathe fresh life into them
    5. Get rid of items that don’t make you happy
    6. Don’t let presents ruin your future
    7. Break up a collection
    8. Plan what you’re going to do with all that space
    9. Learn to live in the now



    Yet before you get started, it’s a good idea to get a few items together to help you on this journey. These are:

    • Rubbish bags – for stuff you’re removing
    • Storage boxes – for things you’re not sure on yet
    • Scrapbooks and shadow boxes – for items you want to display

    And have plenty of these to hand – you don’t want to lose momentum by nipping to the shops to get more during your sorting sessions.

    Another great thing to do is make a list of everything you treasure and want to keep before you go in the attic, room, wherever it is stored. If you can’t recall it before you go in there, ask yourself this; do you really need to keep it?

    OK, so let’s look in more detail at those 9 tips for parting with difficult items.

    Old Kettles for decluttering sentimental items blog

    Start with non-sentimental stuff

    Depending on how much you have to go through, it can be a good idea to start with non-sentimental items.

    Maybe you’re sorting out a family member’s property after they’ve gone into a home or have recently passed away. It may be easier to begin this emotional process by starting in the bathroom or the kitchen.

    Why? Because there is unlikely to be items with a lot of memories attached to them in these rooms. Begin here and you can build up some momentum before tackling other rooms and items with more sentimental weight.

    Goodbye sign for decluttering sentimental items

    Say goodbye properly

    Some people find closure in saying goodbye to items before letting go of them. This could be as big or as small as you feel is appropriate.

    For some, a type of ceremony will feel right, while for others a simple goodbye will be enough. Doing so can draw a curtain over it, making it easier to discard of the item.

    Old photos for for decluttering sentimental items

    Take photos and digitize your memories

    We live in the golden age of the magical cloud, so take advantage of virtual storage to hold on to memories with Google Drive or Dropbox.

    And it’s not just about scanning in old photos and documents. Taking pictures of bulky items can be a way of holding on to memories without holding on to the thing itself. There’s even 3-D scanning available if you want to go the whole hog.

    Jewellery for for decluttering sentimental items

    Repurpose items to breathe fresh life into them

    This works best with clothing and jewellery especially. If you have heirlooms and hand-me-downs that you cherish but can’t see yourself wearing again, then consider refashioning them into something you would. Reset a precious stone in a ring or take a snippet of a dress to carry on remembering without holding on to an item you simply won’t wear.

    Pro tip: If you have absolutely no impetus to repurpose or upcycle old items, and you know you won’t get round to it, then let them go. Put them in a charity shop where someone else can love them and give them life.

    Get rid of items that don’t make you happy

    Quite frankly, there’s no point keeping hold of things that hold bad memories. You don’t need them weighing you down and you don’t need them in your life.

    If you look at an item and it doesn’t make you happy then bin it or donate it.


    Don’t let presents ruin your future

    We tend to think that we need to hold on to gifts out of some sense of loyalty and guilt. We get it; it’s sad when someone has chosen a gift for you that wasn’t quite right.

    But realistically, most gift-givers don’t expect to see you using it or displaying it – it’s not a fair expectation. It’s a gift after all and it’s up to you what you do with it.

    And we’re gonna extend this to greetings cards. Did the person hand-make it? Then you might want to keep it. If the card came from Clintons, is it really that special? Be strong – we believe in you!


    Break up a collection

    Have you inherited your mamgu’s Toby Jug collection? Your uncle’s Groggs? Then consider keeping one of them to remind you of it and move on the rest. Unless of course, it comes as a set – we’ve all watched Antiques Roadshow – then you should sell them together.

    Plan what you’re going to do with all that space

    This whole process, this journey if you will, can be emotionally draining. So try to focus on the positives you’ll get from letting go of these items.

    Think, plan, and fantasise what you’re going to do with the space you’ll create. We’ve made some Pinterest boards on minimalist living so you can get excited about aaaaaall that lovely empty space!

    Dream about what you’re going to spend the money on from selling some of these items. Think about how much joy these items will bring to people in their new homes. Lastly, cherish the freedom and clarity you’ll have by moving on.

    Learn to live in the now

    Taking a leaf out of mindfulness, learn to treasure the moment we are all in. Let go of the past, nostalgia can hold a lot of us back. Instead, listen to Garth and LIVE IN THE NOW.  You might just find happiness here.

    Ultimately it’s important to remember that your memories are not held within the physical possessions that you own. They simply trigger them within you (and that’s why taking a photo of it can be just as good).

    However, you don’t have to jettison everything that holds sentimental value for you.

    So, if you’re not quite ready to throw away these mementoes but still need to create space then blue self storage can help. We offer containers from 48 sq ft up.

    Get in touch

    Have you decluttered sentimental items recently? Got any tips on what worked and what didn’t work for you? Let us know on our socials!


  3. How to choose the right size storage unit when you’re moving house

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    Moving house and wondering what size storage unit you need?

    At blue self storage we offer 4 different sizes of self storage units. You can pick from…

    • 48 sq ft – ideal for a garden shed
    • 64 sq ft – ideal for a 1 – 2 bedroom house or flat
    • 80 sq ft – ideal for a 2 – 3 bedroom house
    • 160 sq ft – ideal for a 3 – 4 bedroom house

    But there’s no need to stress if you book a self storage unit for a house move and it turns out too big or too small – if you want to downsize to a smaller unit or upgrade to a bigger one, it’s no problem at all.

    And our minimum length contract for a self storage unit is only one month, giving you ultra flexibility and ease.

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside

    How do I figure out what size storage unit I need?

    A quick rule of thumb is to think of a one-bedroom house as needing around 50 sq ft storage.

    Next, add between 30 and 50 sq ft for every extra bedroom.

    So for a 2 bed home, look at 80 sq ft. For a 3 bed house, around 130 sq ft.

    How do you store furniture in a storage unit?

    It’s super simple and we can help answer questions you might have. But here are a few pro tips on storing items:

    • Clean everything thoroughly
    • Dismantle furniture and large items if possible
    • Use draws and wardrobes to the max
    • Clean and wrap furniture for long-term storage
    • Box and label everything properly – don’t worry if you forget, we sell packaging on site!
    • You might want to raise furniture off the floor
    • Store TVs etc. in their original packaging if you still have it and fill gaps with bubble wrap or foam packing
    • Don’t cram stuff in

    What size storage unit do I need? Helpful guide from blue self storage

    What size storage unit do I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

    Anything in the region of 50 to 65 sq ft is the ideal self storage unit for a 1 bedroom apartment.

    What size storage do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

    A self storage unit somewhere between 120 and 150 sq ft should hold the contents of a 3 bedroom house.

    How can blue self storage help you?

    Drop us a message on social media or over the phone if you’ve any questions around self storage and house moving. We’re a friendly bunch 😁

    029 20 361 361 (Cardiff)

    0191 258 0286 (Tyneside)

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