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  1. Customer spotlight: A lockdown business that’s always on the Mhoove

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    Right now, it’s important to share the love and lift each other up – in our latest blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on companies doing fantastic work who deserve to be recognised for it.

    Anthony Redwood - mhoove logistics

    For this interview, we speak to Anthony Redwood, the owner of Mhoove, a blue self storage customer since October 2020. Mhoove is a moving company taking South Wales by storm, powering house and office moves, home clearances, courier deliveries – even airport transfers! If you need something to ‘mhoove’ from A to B, they’ll mhoove it!

    One of many local start-ups borne out of lockdown, the Mhoove team have celebrated successful milestones ever since – with busy schedules packed full of house removals through to securing new commercial contracts with furniture suppliers, they’re constantly on the mhoove 🚚💨

    Hi Anthony! Tell us about Mhoove.

    Mhoove customers

    Mhoove customers

    Mhoove was established in October 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic after I took on another job as a delivery driver to safeguard my family’s future. I could have chosen to stand still but instead I grafted hard, and opportunity knocked; I found myself running extra errands for people in my van. Then I moved someone from a small flat. I found something else I was good at; moving things, being organised, putting in a shift and providing a good service to customers. I used my money and bought a big van. I moved a house. From that moment on, Mhoove was born!

    We decided that we would offer a service that moves things; home removals, office moves, move to storage, single item pick-up/drop-off… Move was the name, we just spelt it differently to make people think!

    It’s been a tough time for businesses – how has Mhoove adapted during lockdown?

    We’ve gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. As we were born in lockdown, we didn’t really know any different!  Thankfully the housing market has flourished and our personal approach to moving our customers has resulted in great success.

    We like to give a personal touch to all our clients, gifting wine or chocolates as a pick-me-up at the end of a long moving day – and we’re invested in why our customers use us. We love to hear the stories behind their renovations, their big life changes, why they’re selling up and what their future hopes are. It’s all about the people, at the end of the day!

    The Mhoove team with Welsh legend Mathew Pritchard

    The Mhoove team with Welsh legend Mathew Pritchard

    Why do you use blue self storage?

    blue self storage ticks every box for us as a business; the product, availability, pricing, location, flexibility and security are all perfect for our needs. Dean and his staff are always very personable and considerate in catering for our needs, often at very short notice!

    Customers generally want 2 things; security for their belongings, at a good price. blue self storage offers the best of both. The 24 hour access is also a benefit that very few providers are able to offer, and is hugely convenient.

    How does using self storage help your business grow?

    The storage option is becoming ever more popular for our customers, especially in today’s market. Many are getting a good valuation/return for their property – often too good to turn down – but due to the speed of house sales at this current time, they’re not able to really consider their next move.

    Many of our customers have opted for rental accommodation as a stop-gap to give themselves the time to find their next home. In this instance, temporary storage of bulky furniture and belongings makes perfect sense.

    By using blue self storage, we can continue to offer our quick-fire service for customers without any worries of having to turn down a job.

    Mhooving mountains! with the Mhoove team in south Wales

    Mhooving mountains!

    What projects are you currently working on?

    Home removals still remain our primary offering; however in order to grow the business, we have secured 3 contracts working with some of the UK’s leading furniture and kitchen suppliers.

    This helps maximise our activity and, with the expansion of our labour team, should enable us to operate 7 days a week from March 2022.

    Mhoove in action

    Mhoove in action

    What’s next in the pipeline for your business?

    This year we would love to secure a commercial contract, something that really challenges us and a bit different to what we’re used to, i.e. a big office move for a company relocating premises.

    We have some very good, capable and skilled lads working day in, day out on our jobs and they have helped build a very credible reputation for the business; a larger, more complex project would be an exciting challenge for us.

    COVID-19 has led to a lot of local community help & support – what’s been your favourite ‘community kindness’ story you’ve seen?

    The pandemic has caused a lot of travesty throughout the world and our nation, but it’s also brought people together and helped bring out the best in us – blue self storage’s festive food collection being a prime example.

    Mhoove customers after a big move posing next to the van

    Mhoove customers

    We have also done our bit; back in summer 2021, we quoted for a job for a young mum who had suffered greatly throughout lockdown. She had just secured a new home for her and her two children, and agreed to our budget quote although she didn’t really have the means to pay.

    We ended up doing the job on a weekend, on our own time, for free. It’s not something we make a habit of(!), but it was within our gift to help them get a new start in life. I’ve a mantra in my personal life which I carry with me; “If you have the power to make someone happy, then you should.  The world needs more of that.”

    We finished the day with no money in our pockets, but felt as good as we ever have.

    Introducing our ‘customer spotlight’ series

    It’s been a hard time for businesses in South Wales and across the UK, dealing with projects on hold, staff at home and other pandemic-related difficulties. But through good times or bad, these companies are the backbone of our national economy.

    So that’s why we’re launching our brand new ‘customer spotlight’ series, celebrating our business & commercial storage customers who use us to save space & stay focused in challenging times.

    We’d like to say a huge thanks to Anthony at Mhoove for the interview!

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  2. How to choose the right size storage unit when you’re moving house

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    Moving house and wondering what size storage unit you need?

    At blue self storage we offer 4 different sizes of self storage units. You can pick from…

    • 48 sq ft – ideal for a garden shed
    • 64 sq ft – ideal for a 1 – 2 bedroom house or flat
    • 80 sq ft – ideal for a 2 – 3 bedroom house
    • 160 sq ft – ideal for a 3 – 4 bedroom house

    But there’s no need to stress if you book a self storage unit for a house move and it turns out too big or too small – if you want to downsize to a smaller unit or upgrade to a bigger one, it’s no problem at all.

    And our minimum length contract for a self storage unit is only one month, giving you ultra flexibility and ease.

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside

    How do I figure out what size storage unit I need?

    A quick rule of thumb is to think of a one-bedroom house as needing around 50 sq ft storage.

    Next, add between 30 and 50 sq ft for every extra bedroom.

    So for a 2 bed home, look at 80 sq ft. For a 3 bed house, around 130 sq ft.

    How do you store furniture in a storage unit?

    It’s super simple and we can help answer questions you might have. But here are a few pro tips on storing items:

    • Clean everything thoroughly
    • Dismantle furniture and large items if possible
    • Use draws and wardrobes to the max
    • Clean and wrap furniture for long-term storage
    • Box and label everything properly – don’t worry if you forget, we sell packaging on site!
    • You might want to raise furniture off the floor
    • Store TVs etc. in their original packaging if you still have it and fill gaps with bubble wrap or foam packing
    • Don’t cram stuff in

    What size storage unit do I need? Helpful guide from blue self storage

    What size storage unit do I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

    Anything in the region of 50 to 65 sq ft is the ideal self storage unit for a 1 bedroom apartment.

    What size storage do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

    A self storage unit somewhere between 120 and 150 sq ft should hold the contents of a 3 bedroom house.

    How can blue self storage help you?

    Drop us a message on social media or over the phone if you’ve any questions around self storage and house moving. We’re a friendly bunch 😁

    029 20 361 361 (Cardiff)

    0191 258 0286 (Tyneside)

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