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  1. Short-term student storage ideas in Cardiff (Christmas edition) 🎄

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    It’s that time of year again! Bells are ringing, children are singing, and boxes are starting to take over your student bedroom… yikes! 🎅

    As we know, Father Christmas twinkles kindly upon those of us who tidy and sort away our clutter, keeping boxes and bags to a minimum over the festive period. It helps keep corridors clear for his crucial visit on Christmas Eve!

    So, Santa’s asked us to ‘do a collab’ (whatever that means) and release this blog on his behalf, full of ho-ho-helpful ideas for short-term storage in Cardiff this Christmas, so all the lovely students can stay on his ‘nice list’…


    #1 – Use breezybox for cheap, short-term student storage from just £5.95

    The perfect short-term student storage at Christmas! Our low price, flexible storage by the box service does it all.

    It means you don’t have to drag all your bulky stuff & prized possessions miles down the motorway back to your parents. No need to fill the car when you could fill our van instead!

    How it works:

    • Order your breezybox service & choose what you want to store
    • We deliver your boxes, marker pen, bubble wrap & tape
    • We’ll come back on your chosen date to collect your boxes
    • Hey presto! Your storage is magically disappeared to our safe & secure site 😁

    Prices start at £5.95 for 1 x medium box and we’re collecting up until Christmas Eve morning for the ultimate convenience.

    Book now

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside


    #2 – Club together with your mates to fill a whole unit 🚫

    This is certainly an option. Booking a unit together keeps the costs down but it does mean you have to sort transport, packaging and logistics yourself.

    A bit like a group uni project, no one wants to get lumped with all the responsibility – so maybe sorting your own personal storage is key!


    Student house


    #3 – Leave your stuff in your student halls (or house) over Christmas 🚫

    Whatever type of digs you live in, it’s been found that ‘almost 70% of student accommodation is empty during the holidays making it the perfect time for criminals to strike’*.

    The houses in student zones (like Cathays in Cardiff) become empty overnight, so every house is an easy target for burglaries and there aren’t any neighbours to ward them off either!

    So, while you could fit a lock on your door, it’d have to be a high grade, professional quality lock – and even a great lock can’t keep a room safe if the door is weak or easy to batter in.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t risk leaving hundreds of pounds of precious items unsecured this Christmas!

    *Burglary Safety For Students This Christmas, safe.co.uk


    Messy bedroom full of student storage at Christmas


    #4 – Bring it all home to your parents’ house 🚫

    For some of us, our parents would struggle to come get us and our stuff – perhaps the car’s too small or cluttered already… and then it’s about finding a place to put it all!

    But you can’t avoid the fact that whether it’s musical instruments and electric amps, or photography equipment and power tools – whatever unusual societies you’ve joined this year, you’ll have high value stuff that burglars want to get their hands on.

    So it has to be safe and secure somewhere! Even if you do manage to lug it all down the M4, you definitely won’t want to clutter up your childhood room for weeks on end – so keeping it safe in storage is the way to go.

    And by using breezybox, the only thing YOU have to do is pack the boxes! Leaving more free time for festive nights out and panic buying presents on the 22nd December 🎁


    Book breezybox – easy student storage in time for Christmas

    We’re collecting boxes up ’til Christmas Eve morning!

    029 20 361 361


    07756 021187

    Book your breezybox


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  2. Christmas 2020 opening hours: Customer update

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    Our opening hours for Christmas 2020 🎅

    From 00:01 on Sunday 20th December, the Tier 4 lockdown came into effect in Wales with strict restrictions. Therefore, we’re now open 24/7 for critical and essential workers only until further notice.

    If you’re a critical or essential workers, you can access your unit at any time over the Christmas period. If you want to put something in storage at 4am on Christmas morning then hey, so be it!

    For all other customers, we’ll keep you updated as soon as the national rules change.

    Our office opening hours

    New customers can still sign up to reserve a unit for once the Tier 4 lockdown has ended.

    OPEN: Tuesday 22nd December, 8.30am – 5pm
    OPEN: Wednesday 23rd December, 8.30am – 5pm
    CLOSED: Thursday 24th December
    CLOSED: Friday 25th December
    CLOSED: Saturday 26th December
    CLOSED: Sunday 27th December
    CLOSED: Monday 28th December
    CLOSED: Tuesday 29th December
    CLOSED: Wednesday 30th December
    CLOSED: Thursday 31st December
    CLOSED: Friday 1st January
    CLOSED: Saturday 2nd January
    CLOSED: Sunday 3rd January
    OPEN: Monday 4th January, 8.30am – 5pm

    New bookings

    To sign up for storage, get in touch before 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December and we’ll make sure you’re sorted smoothly.

    With our completely digital sign-up system, we’ve minimised unnecessary contact to keep you safe while you store.

    ☎️ 02920 361 361

    ✉️ info@blueselfstorage.co.uk

    💬 Contact form

    Father Christmas taking advantage of sleigh storage at our Wentloog facility

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