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  1. Short-term student storage ideas in Cardiff (Christmas edition) 🎄

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    It’s that time of year again! Bells are ringing, children are singing, and boxes are starting to take over your student bedroom… yikes! 🎅

    As we know, Father Christmas twinkles kindly upon those of us who tidy and sort away our clutter, keeping boxes and bags to a minimum over the festive period. It helps keep corridors clear for his crucial visit on Christmas Eve!

    So, Santa’s asked us to ‘do a collab’ (whatever that means) and release this blog on his behalf, full of ho-ho-helpful ideas for short-term storage in Cardiff this Christmas, so all the lovely students can stay on his ‘nice list’…


    #1 – Use breezybox for cheap, short-term student storage from just £5.95

    The perfect short-term student storage at Christmas! Our low price, flexible storage by the box service does it all.

    It means you don’t have to drag all your bulky stuff & prized possessions miles down the motorway back to your parents. No need to fill the car when you could fill our van instead!

    How it works:

    • Order your breezybox service & choose what you want to store
    • We deliver your boxes, marker pen, bubble wrap & tape
    • We’ll come back on your chosen date to collect your boxes
    • Hey presto! Your storage is magically disappeared to our safe & secure site 😁

    Prices start at £5.95 for 1 x medium box and we’re collecting up until Christmas Eve morning for the ultimate convenience.

    Book now

    Self storage units at blue self storage - Cardiff and Tyneside


    #2 – Club together with your mates to fill a whole unit 🚫

    This is certainly an option. Booking a unit together keeps the costs down but it does mean you have to sort transport, packaging and logistics yourself.

    A bit like a group uni project, no one wants to get lumped with all the responsibility – so maybe sorting your own personal storage is key!


    Student house


    #3 – Leave your stuff in your student halls (or house) over Christmas 🚫

    Whatever type of digs you live in, it’s been found that ‘almost 70% of student accommodation is empty during the holidays making it the perfect time for criminals to strike’*.

    The houses in student zones (like Cathays in Cardiff) become empty overnight, so every house is an easy target for burglaries and there aren’t any neighbours to ward them off either!

    So, while you could fit a lock on your door, it’d have to be a high grade, professional quality lock – and even a great lock can’t keep a room safe if the door is weak or easy to batter in.

    It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t risk leaving hundreds of pounds of precious items unsecured this Christmas!

    *Burglary Safety For Students This Christmas, safe.co.uk


    Messy bedroom full of student storage at Christmas


    #4 – Bring it all home to your parents’ house 🚫

    For some of us, our parents would struggle to come get us and our stuff – perhaps the car’s too small or cluttered already… and then it’s about finding a place to put it all!

    But you can’t avoid the fact that whether it’s musical instruments and electric amps, or photography equipment and power tools – whatever unusual societies you’ve joined this year, you’ll have high value stuff that burglars want to get their hands on.

    So it has to be safe and secure somewhere! Even if you do manage to lug it all down the M4, you definitely won’t want to clutter up your childhood room for weeks on end – so keeping it safe in storage is the way to go.

    And by using breezybox, the only thing YOU have to do is pack the boxes! Leaving more free time for festive nights out and panic buying presents on the 22nd December 🎁


    Book breezybox – easy student storage in time for Christmas

    We’re collecting boxes up ’til Christmas Eve morning!

    029 20 361 361


    07756 021187

    Book your breezybox


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  2. 5 reasons to use breezybox, our easy new storage collection service

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    Did you catch the news? We’ve just launched breezybox, our new ‘storage by the box’ collection service!

    What is ?

    breezybox is the fast and convenient way to arrange storage and store your valued items without leaving the house.

    We’ll deliver all the boxes and packaging you need. Simply fill up the boxes and we’ll return to collect them when you’re ready. We’ll then transport and safely store your items at your nearest blue self storage facility.

    Prices start at £5.95 per box, per month – so if you stored 3 boxes, that’s still £42.15 cheaper than hiring our smallest unit!

    Check out our breezybox service

    Not sure whether breezybox is right for you? Here are 5 reasons it just might be…

    breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

    1. You don’t have enough items to fill a whole storage unit

    Do you have a few bulky items that just won’t fit in the flat?

    Often, our customers have one or two awkward items that they’d like to keep for the future, but don’t have space for right now.

    If you don’t have enough stuff to fill a whole storage unit, but removing a few items would make a big difference to the way you use your home, breezybox is a great option for you.

    With breezybox, you don’t need to go to the expense of reserving a whole storage unit. You simply pay for the storage you need, saving you extra costs.

    breezybox - storage collection service in Cardiff from blue self storage - couple packing boxes

    2. You’re moving home or downsizing

    Knowing what to do with your possessions when you’re moving home or changing offices can sometimes be tricky.

    While your new place might have enough room for all your items, there’s often some downtime between moving out and receiving your new set of keys.

    That’s why breezybox is ideal if you need to temporarily store items. It saves you the hassle of attending a storage facility – that’s one less thing to worry about when you move out.

    storage by the box service in Cardiff - men roll on skateboard with boxes

    3. You don’t have your own vehicle

    Have you ever tried taking a canoe, a trombone and a comic book collection on public transport? You get some funny looks…

    If you don’t have a car or a van, getting your items to a storage facility can sometimes be a struggle.

    breezybox saves you the expense of hiring a vehicle; we’ll deliver your boxes to a nearby blue self storage unit on your behalf.

    Couple walking happy with boxes - introducing breezybox by blue self storage

    4. You’re going on holiday (or returning home for the summer)

    If you’re jet-setting around the world on the trip of a lifetime, or you’re an international student returning home to spend time with family over the summer, you don’t want to worry about valuable items getting stolen.

    breezybox acts as a temporary safe for your valuables. Our round-the-clock security ensures your precious items are always protected.

    5. You have seasonal hobbies taking up space

    Skiing, scuba diving, camping… the greatest hobbies usually come with a wardrobe’s-worth of equipment.

    If you’re not using seasonal equipment year-round, then storing it at home can become frustrating, especially if you have a small home or you’re sharing with multiple tenants.

    breezybox lets you store items when you don’t need them and easily retrieve them when it’s time. That way, your hobbies remain joys, not chores.

    You pack it up, we pack it in!

    breezybox is a great option for busy people or those with limited space at home. It’s a speedy service that’s super easy to use.

    Want to try it? Learn more about our storage collection service and fill out the order form.

    Book your breezybox

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  3. Where are the nicest areas to live in Cardiff?

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    It’s one of the most popular questions asked on Google, Reddit, and even Facebook – so we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring as Cardiff-lovin’ locals and give you our best advice on the nicest areas to live in Cardiff.

    Our hometown Cardiff comes with the unique feeling of being a town in a city, and every area or suburb has its own vibe, charm and buzz – and the great thing about Cardiff’s size means you can easily get between them all in 30 minutes or under.

    If you’re currently researching the best places to live in Cardiff before a big move, we’ve aggregated opinions & facts from everywhere to help you decide! So, let’s take it away…

    Quick links

    Roath / Plasnewydd

    A vibrant mix of restaurants, shops, houses and communities, Roath is its own little metropolis within Cardiff – now with a lit-up lighthouse!

    Why it’s great
    • Sooo many choices for dining, shopping and ‘doing’
    • The local green spaces – Roath Recreation Ground, Roath Pleasure Gardens, Roath Lake, Roath Park, Roath Gardens – are beautiful and popular with locals and visitors
    • Great for young professionals, families and older residents
    • New restaurants are arriving all the time, including an uptake in vegan/plant-based dining
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £974 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “I’d point you towards Roath as there are some good pubs, it’s mid-priced and it’s walkable to town. But if you don’t go to pubs or want to walk to town it’s possibly not for you.”

    Yetts3030, Reddit user – ‘Young professional moving to Cardiff this summer, any tips on where to live/areas to avoid?’

    Roath …[is] really nice the further east you go and I have friends who love being close to Albany Road (lots of shops and cool cafes along there). Roath park & lake is beautiful to walk/jog around. Can be a 20-30 minute walk into town or more.”

    abbeyishere, Reddit user – ‘Moving to Cardiff’

    View Roath on Google Maps


    The Waitrose to Roath’s Sainsbury’s. This pretty, affluent neighbourhood is characterised by its leafy, tree-lined suburban streets and its artisanal delis.

    Why it’s great
    • Plenty of space for cycling and walking
    • Great larger or smaller-sized parks with lots of space for walking dogs, chilling out, family picnics
    • You’ll find a great community feel in Waterloo Gardens with friendly locals
    • Home to the popular Pen-y-lan Pantry – a food market with takeaway dining
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £775 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    Pen-y-lan area is lovely. I lived near there for a while after being a student. Loads of local shops, bars, pubs, beautiful parks in Roath.”

    Cangarw, Reddit user – ‘Where to live in Cardiff (bar Cathays)

    “Can’t recommend Pen-y-lan enough. Lots of greenery, nice restaurants and cafes, a community feel , it’s clean, safe, a lot of it looks beautiful. Just good vibes all round.”

    Arrival_Old, Reddit user – ‘Where to live in Cardiff (bar Cathays)

    View Penylan on Google Maps

    Pssst… pre-book your storage!

    Moving soon? Need a space for all that ‘stuff’? Book your Cardiff self storage unit in just a few minutes.

    Choose from our Llanishen (north) or Wentloog (east) locations…

    029 20 361 361 info@blueselfstorage.co.uk

    Splott / Adamsdown

    Often unfairly derided by Cardiff residents, Splott has been slowly been subverting people’s expectations for a while – helped by its ongoing additions of great dining options and local community projects.

    Why it’s great
    • Its house prices are lower than other suburbs, and you’ll regularly find beautifully furnished and finished houses to rent or buy
    • A new community hub space called Railway Gardens – built for gardening, social events, workshops and more – is bringing in investment and is set to open soon
    • Incredibly close to the city centre with approx 20-25 minutes’ walk
    • Home to Space2B at The Maltings (a sibling brand in our family of companies) – a gorgeous, Grade II listed building with co-working spaces, social events and a professional community hub
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £866 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “Lots of great independent gems hidden away in areas like Splott, Riverside, Grangetown and Canton whether it’s world supermarkets or cafes/bars. ”

    Josh-sama, Reddit user – ‘Young professional moving to Cardiff this summer, any tips on where to live/areas to avoid?’

    “It’s a really lovely community in Splott generally speaking, I helped run a soup kitchen and we had a bunch of charity gigs. The people are really lovely. Clifton Street and Splott Road have great shops, really lovely diverse shops and great cafes for a cooked breakfast :)”

    agendagroid, Reddit user – ‘Should I be worried about moving to Splott?’

    View Splott on Google Maps

    Cardiff Bay

    Playing host to international sporting events, theatre, comedy, music and extreme sports, Cardiff Bay is a hotspot for tourists and Cardiffians alike.

    Why it’s great
    • As a sprawling area with plenty of residential buildings, you can find quiet places to live, walk or chill out with no bother – without being far from the action
    • You’ll have front row seats to events like the annual Cardiff Food & Drink Festival and local markets
    • The Wales Millennium Centre hosts international and local entertainment – and it’s just opened its new outdoor street food experience, Teras
    • As it’s on the water, you’ll find plenty of water-based fun with Cardiff Yacht Club and Cardiff International White Water
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £1,060 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “The Bay has a large Odeon cinema and an Everyman cinema, loads of bars and restaurants, white water rafting centre, international pool, you can get a boat or train into town if you like. I love it here.”

    Firebrand777, Reddit user – ‘Renting a flat in Cardiff – need advice’

    “I currently live in the Bay, Atlantic Wharf. Perfect placement as it’s a 15 minute walk in [to town] and a 10 minute trot to the Bay for when we want to go to a restaurant or bar down there. It’s nice to walk around the water!”

    abbeyishere, Reddit user – ‘Moving to Cardiff’

    View Cardiff Bay on Google Maps


    An unashamedly lovely suburb, Pontcanna is home to big houses and artisanal eateries – expect butchers, jewellery shops, cafes and quiet residential streets.

    Why it’s great
    • It’s a leafy, buzzy little area with good (if sometimes pricey) food and upmarket shopping
    • On the doorstep of the biggest green spaces in Cardiff, with Llandaff Fields, Blackweir Fields, Pontcanna Fields and Bute Park all interconnected
    • Close to multiple Welsh-medium schools
    • Home of Brød, a popular Danish bakery, and three Michelin Plate-awarded restaurants; Milkwood, Heaneys and Bullys
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £1,230 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “I had some friends living in Pontcanna, that’s a pretty trendy area these days – loads of nice restaurants, pubs and parks.”

    berrycrunch92, Reddit user – ‘Renting a flat in Cardiff – need advice’

    Pontcanna and Canton are beautiful, have lots of indie hospitality venues and you won’t necessarily be far from the centre.”

    benjajinj, Reddit user – ‘Renting a flat in Cardiff – need advice’

    View Pontcanna on Google Maps


    Big with foodies, this west-of-the-city area is great for pop-ups, markets, indie shops and great dining – it also has the Chapter Arts Centre, a beloved community space.

    Why it’s great
    • Plenty of dining options – from sit-down restaurants to streed-food-style delis – plus much-loved pubs like The Lansdowne and St Canna’s Ale House
    • It’s got new indie markets and ‘things to do’ popping up all the time
    • It’s right next door to Pontcanna, so you can sample its amenities easily
    • Nearby green spaces include Victoria Park, Sanatorium Park and Thompson’s Park
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £835 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “I think Canton is the better location for young professionals personally. It’s really come up the last few years. Lots of good places to eat and trendy places like Hard Lines coffee.”

    longboytheeternal, Reddit user – ‘Moving to Cardiff’

    Canton is great, filled with loads of independent shops, pubs and restaurants and a short walk to the city centre and Pontcanna (which has its own variety of stuff too). You’ll also get two parks, Victoria and Thompson’s, which are both nice.”

    McFlyJohn, Reddit user – ‘Young professional moving to Cardiff this summer, any tips on where to live/areas to avoid?’

    View Canton on Google Maps

    Photo: XiaoxiaXu on Unsplash


    Technically a city within a city (it has its own beautiful cathedral, after all), Llandaff is a stunning area with a ‘village’ feel. Highlights include Insole Court, a 19th century mansion, and the cathedral itself.

    Why it’s great
    • Great walking distance to Canton and Pontcanna, so you’ll never be stuck for places to go or things to do
    • It sits on the edge of Hailey Park and Llandaff Fields, so lots of lovely green spaces
    • It’s been named as one of the best urban places to live in the UK by the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide (2015)
    • New housing developments – including 20% affordable housing – are being built in the former site of the BBC
    Average house price


    Average rental price

    £1,011 p.c.m

    What do the locals say?

    “I’d probably look at Llandaff or Whitchurch. Nice pretty houses, with better parking and bigger properties. Llandaff is walking distance to Pontcanna with all the nice bakeries and cafes and Whitchurch high street is pretty decent.”

    DrCMJ, Reddit user – ‘Young professional moving to Cardiff this summer, any tips on where to live/areas to avoid?’

    “Welcome to Llandaff North. Community here is bloody lovely. Definitely check out My Loaf the local bakery, and if you need anything for the garden or a pet, Nova at Village & Garden supplies is fab!”

    LoganGNU, Reddit user – ‘Just moved to Cardiff – any words of wisdom?’

    View Llandaff on Google Maps


    Moving to Cardiff?

    We hope you’ll love it here! It’s a beautiful, friendly city that’s regenerating all the time. It’s steeped in history and heritage, but with modern amenities and exciting new ventures popping up all over the place.

    Before you get here, we wanted to suggest our 5 top things to see, do or visit when you arrive…

    1. Cardiff Castle – whether you stroll through the grounds or actually go inside and see the glorious architecture, you just have to do it once
    2. Nata & Co – a homespun Portuguese bakery with good coffee and the best pastéis de nata (custard tarts) in Cardiff. Three locations already!
    3. Boneyard / Corporation Yard / Indie Superstore / Riverside Food Market – some of our best weekly and daily markets with independent shops, traders and food stalls
    4. Fresh Local & Wild – a brand new shopping experience, now in the old Topshop venue on Cardiff Queen Street, selling local produce, clothing, plants, cosmetics and more
    5. Cardiff Arcades – we’re the ‘city of arcades’ for a reason! Stroll through our 7 gorgeous, Diagon Alley-esque arcades full of boutiques, cafes, art spaces and unique hidden gems…

    Best suburbs of Cardiff - where to live
    Photo: Mike Erskine on Unsplash

    Where we’re going next…

    It’s impossible to include every Cardiff suburb in one blog, of course, so a few places we’d like to feature in future editions…

    • Llanishen
    • St Mellons
    • Ely
    • Radyr
    • Llanedeyrn
    • Heath
    • Whitchurch
    • Penarth
    • Rumney

    Book your smart & affordable self storage in Cardiff

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    House prices in this article have been found using zoopla.com while rental prices have been found using home.co.uk. All figures are correct at the time of publication.

    Some quotes from Cardiff locals have been edited for grammatical consistency and length. blue self storage is not responsible for any third party opinions or content linked to on other websites.

  4. Watch our 200+ Easter eggs travel on ‘An Eggcellent Adventure’ to Cardiff Foodbank… [video]

    Comments Off on Watch our 200+ Easter eggs travel on ‘An Eggcellent Adventure’ to Cardiff Foodbank… [video]

    When our customers helped us to collect over 200 eggs for Cardiff Foodbank, the only task that remained … was getting them there safely!

    Our fabulous new storage coordinator Bernie took on the challenge. Her mission, should she choose to accept it, was to transport the eggs to their final destination at Cardiff Foodbank. And with a sat nav to guide her, could anything go wrong?

    Well, err … watch for yourself! #BernieOnAJourney ↓

    Thank you!

    Cardiff Foodbank logoWe’d like to thank all our wonderful customers who helped donate so many special Easter gifts to the local people using Cardiff Foodbank’s critical services.

    Especially during a time when Covid-19 has brought hardship to many and money is tight – your phenomenal, generous efforts will help Cardiff families and children in crisis to celebrate an Easter tradition without worrying about expenses.

    To help Cardiff Foodbank continue their eggcellent work, you can donate via LocalGiving – just hit the button below.

    Donate to Cardiff Foodbank

    Book your smart & affordable storage in Cardiff or Tyneside

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  5. Customer spotlight: A 5-star removals company reinventing house surveys

    Comments Off on Customer spotlight: A 5-star removals company reinventing house surveys

    As we near the festive season, it’s a time for sharing the love and lifting each other up – so in our latest blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on companies doing fantastic work who deserve to be recognised for it.

    For this interview, we speak to Alex Ghimpu, Operations Manager & Adrian Stan, Director, of Red Lion Removals – a blue self storage customer since early 2020.

    They’re a family-owned business, founded from a desire to create a moving company that keeps its word and delivers an amazing customer experience.

    Hi guys. What does Red Lion Removals do?

    As the name suggests, we provide removal services all around Europe – but we also provide packing, dismantling and assembling services; making it easier for our customers to get from A to B!

    We’re relatively new, having formed in March 2020, and although we’re based in Cardiff, we serve customers all across the UK and EU.

    We’re very proud to have fantastic reviews from our customers so far, and we’re always trying to beat our own standards of service!

    The Red Lion Removals team at our Llanishen storage facility

    It’s been a tough time for businesses – how has yours adapted during lockdown?

    During lockdown we followed all the guidelines that the government put in place for us, including face masks, social distancing, sanitising and more.

    We also implemented our new ‘video survey’ service, where a customer can walk through the property and show us around via video chat – whether on a tablet, phone or laptop – before we estimate a price.

    It means we completely reduce unnecessary contact and our customers can stay 100% safe – very handy as we’ve had lots of people moving house during lockdown!

    Branded face masks by Red Lion Removals

    Why do you use blue self storage?

    We love the flexibility, location and customer service provided by blue self storage for removal companies – having originally used the Wentloog storage site, we moved to the Llanishen facility once it had opened as it’s so convenient for where a lot of our customers are.

    But also a huge factor is definitely the security. When storing customers’ treasured items, top-level security is an absolute must, and we feel super safe with you guys.

    In general, how does self storage help your business?

    Using self storage is helpful for our customers who have delays between moving out and moving in, for sure, but it also means we can be flexible and offer different options.

    So, what projects are Red Lion Removals working on at the moment?

    We’re always busy with our general removals but our hard-working team is also looking at having a new office in the near future!

    Plus, we’re hoping to open a new branch in a different location, which is exciting. We already serve a wide geographical area with both the UK and EU, so a new base would be ideal.

    COVID-19 has led to a lot of local community help & support – what’s been your favourite ‘community kindness’ story you’ve seen?

    Our favourite stories are definitely of neighbours and people looking after each other, like this sweet friendship between 77-year-old Andy and 31-year-old volunteer Alex in Glasgow.

    Closer to home, lots of Cardiff companies offered help, support and free food to organisations like the NHS, which was incredible to see.

    Introducing our ‘customer spotlight’ series

    It’s been a hard year for businesses in South Wales and across the UK, dealing with projects on hold, staff at home and other pandemic-related difficulties. But through good times or bad, these companies are the backbone of our national economy.

    So that’s why we’re launching our brand new ‘customer spotlight’ series, celebrating our business & commercial storage customers who use us to save space & stay focused in challenging times.

    We’d like to say a huge thanks to Adrian, Alex & Red Lion Removals for the interview – good luck with your next batch of removals!

    Read our other ‘customer spotlight’ interviews:

    Want your business featured in the next ‘customer spotlight’? Get in touch…

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