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Our 10 favourite modded motorhomes [GALLERY]

Our pick of the most inspirational, dramatic and daring modded motorhomes and caravan conversions for your viewing delight…

Alas, another summer is over, and the time has come to prep your caravan for winter storage – but it’s also a good time to start planning your 2020 plans for your campervan conversions and modded motorhomes.

Why stick with the factory settings when you could get a little bit wacky with it?!

From external seating and swing-out stoves, to brass pipes as ladders and an open-top pool in the roof, there are some seriously delectable ways to ‘pimp’ caravans and motorhomes.

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But if you’re looking for the best of the best, here are our 10 favourite ideas:


#1 – Swinging on top of the world

We’re kicking off the list with something a little bit ‘out there’… Okay, we can’t vouch for the safety or practicality of this one – but we can guarantee nobody else at the caravan park will have one!


#2 – Gold piping for an industrial edge

No plastic here – reclaimed segments of piping (either originally gold or painted on) make handy ladders and hand-grips.
And it’s so. darn. beautiful!


#3 – Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

An EXTRA seating area for sunbathing, sunset-watching and quiet moments away from attacking bears (just kidding). Notice the hinges – we think this wooden platform opens out, providing a seated ledge and a rain cover for the double door opening beneath.


#4 – Let the light in!

This split-screen window is surely part of a remodel, where there might have originally been double doors. Okay, you lose an entry-point, but those spectacular breakfast views are worth it!


#5 – A loveseat with a view

This foldable loveseat is simple to install – no carpentry wizardry needed. The loveliest spot for a morning hot chocolate and a view over the hills.


#6 – Storage in every step

This light, bright and airy space feels bigger for it – but notice the lack of clutter. With every step a potential storage box, and storage spaces built into the structure, minimalism is pretty and easy!


#7 – #kitchengoals for a mobile chef

A portable home shouldn’t stop you having the kitchen of your dreams (even if it means swapping solid handles for rope!). Clearly, this motorhome owner has ‘kitchen’ at the top of their priority list, and it looks incredible.


#8 – Bringing cosy cottage vibes wherever you go

This decor – the light, the white, the leaves – feels like a countryside cottage in spring. It’s simple and minimal, and still manages to look bigger than some student flats. We like!


#9 – Sliding stoves for extra storage

This sliding kitchen compartment saves space within your van and means you can make a brew infused with mountain air or cook pasta in the Mediterranean sun. Mmmmmm.


#10 – If in doubt, hang some fairy lights

Campervan and caravan conversions can seem a little daunting. So, in the absence of time or money, keeping things minimal and hanging up a few strings of fairy lights is a fail-safe way to make your van interior cosy and your design look ‘considered’. Fairy lights – the true saviour for any space!


We hope you like our 10 top campervan and caravan conversions and our favourite modded motorhomes!

If you have your own ‘pimped caravan’ you’d love to share, let us know and we’ll add it to our Pinterest board!

Pimp my caravan: Our 10 favourite modded motorhomes on Pinterest, by blue self storage

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