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  1. Two new promotions for Cardiff self storage team

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    Our fantastic team has been working incredibly hard throughout what’s been a challenging 18 months for us all, individually and collectively as a business.

    COVID has brought varying degrees of pressure on each and every one of our team – as a self storage business however, we have continued to work together to achieve successes and improve customer experiences in ways we would never have thought possible in March last year.

    As a result of our continued growth, along with our ambitious desire to further expand the business into new areas, strengthening our internal structures has become paramount.

    To that end, we’re very pleased to announce two team members’ promotions…


    Having taken ownership of blue self storage’s online systems, along with driving efficiency through the business using modern technology, Jamie Thomas is now Technical Manager.

    As a ‘smart storage solution’ provider, our continued advancement in automated systems and new technologies is essential. Jamie has demonstrated his ability in this area and we know he will continue to implement the changes required to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

    “I’m very thankful for the opportunity to enhance our customer experience through continuous design & delivery of lean & intelligent solutions.”

    – Jamie

    Rhiannon, Storage Coordinator at blue self storage in Cardiff


    Having experienced unprecedented (yes, it’s that word again!) customer levels this year, the need for an organised self storage team with robust processes is vital to ensure that our customers continue to experience the high standards that you have come to expect.

    In order to ensure this remains possible during our next stage of growth, Rhiannon Berry is now Storage Team Leader. Rhiannon’s leadership skills have become apparent as we have grown the storage team.

    From adding new sites to on-boarding (another buzz word!) new members of the team, Rhiannon’s attributes and efforts have ensured smooth change management with minimal disruption – and we know Rhiannon will continue to deliver as we grow.

    “I’m really grateful for being recognised and being given this opportunity. I’m looking forward to continuing to work together, developing myself and the team in driving the business forward. I feel we’re on the cusp of something special at blue self storage and love being part of the journey!”

    – Rhiannon

    blue self storage Cardiff and Tyneside

    A record year of growth for blue self storage

    The contribution of every single team member allowed us to expand blue self storage to include a brand new Cardiff storage site in Llanishen and a Newcastle storage site in Tyneside during 2020 and 2021 respectively.

    Thanks to their support, we’ve also been able to invest in new technologies to make the customer experience even better.

    We now have QR code entry and exit systems at our Llanishen site, allowing us to maintain high security standards while reducing customer waiting times. There’s also a new phase of technology coming soon to blue self storage – more news on that soon!

    “I want to thank and recognise each and every one of our collective team’s contributions to our recent accomplishments, and for their continuous diligence in ensuring our customers have the best storage experience possible.

    “I feel we currently have the strongest teams that we’ve ever had. We have created a workforce that is a joy to be a part of, something that wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s effort and commitment. These new promotions are key to our business growth plan and we’re excited to enter the next phase of taking storage into the stratosphere with the best team possible.”

    – Chris Bryan, Managing Director of blue self storage

    The future’s bright – the future’s blue!

    What’s next?

    Need a helping hand with your storage? We recently launched breezybox, a brand new Cardiff storage collection service. It’s self storage made easy breezy!

    Check out breezybox

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  2. The Unstoreables: 7 creative summer garden storage ideas

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    At blue self storage, we’re all about helping you store your treasured possessions at a great price. But what about the stuff that you can’t or just don’t want to put in storage?

    With most of us destined to stay at home this summer, it’s more important than ever to make our homes and outdoor spaces a comfortable space to relax – that means getting creative with your garden storage.

    An old washing machine… That dusty old cupboard… Don’t just take them to the dump or let them clutter up your home. Instead: up-cycle!

    So, ready to make the most of your makeshift holiday home? Here are 7 creative ways to repurpose or cleverly hide your ‘unstoreables’ over the summer months…


    1. Furniture planter

    Got some old furniture you’re not quite ready to let go of? Pop old cupboards or drawers in the garden and fill them with flowers to brighten up the space. You can even use the extra space to store pots and other gardening bits and bobs! Handy.


    2. Multi-use mini sheds

    Not just for fire pit logs – although they’re great for that too – a modular shed or container helps tidy away visual clutter like bins, tools, BBQs, hoses and all the other things you don’t want to see when you’re sipping margaritas.


    3. Washing machine fire pit

    Broken washing machine? Take out the stainless-steel drum to create a nifty fire pit! Perfect for summer campfires with friends and family, especially on chilly evenings. Dust off the guitar and bust out your best amateur guitar skills! Did someone say Wonderwall?

    Bonus tip: Use old bricks as a border for a rustic look!


    4. Easy storage bench

    One simple purchase can make a helluva difference – one storage box like the above can double as a seat (don’t forget the cushions…) and as a garden storage container.

    Even if you’re renovating or redecorating, you could fit your tools, bricks, paint tins and bits ‘n’ bobs inside, with no one any the wiser.


    5. Log displays

    Have some old logs left over from winter? Don’t leave them lying around. Storing them in an old box can make a stylish display to go with your summer garden’s aesthetic. Oh, and you’ll need the kindling for your washing machine drum fire pit!


    6. Wooden pallet DIY seating

    Got an old wooden pallet going spare? Toolbox at the ready! You’d be amazed what you can make with them. Turn pallets into coffee tables, benches, or even an outdoor sofa for an ultra-relaxed space.

    Bonus tip: Incorporate piano hinges within the seats and your seating swiftly becomes storage for everything else!


    7. Old tyre creations

    No one likes getting a burst tyre, but when they look this good, it’s not such a bother. Turn old tyres into quirky tables and chairs! Or, if the pallet tables and chairs are more your thing, plant flowers in the tyres to add some colour to casa del you.


    We hope some of these garden storage ideas inspire you to use your unstoreables to transform your space into an exotic paradise – if you do, share a pic with us on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see it!

    Got some stuff that is fit for storage? Check out our full range of storage solutions.

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  3. 3 winners for our birthday competition – *REVEALED*!

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    We’re thrilled to finally announce the 3 winners of our big birthday competition!

    The entries to our competition closed on Thursday 29th July, midday and the winners have now been picked and are in the process of being contacted to claim their prizes.

    We had a whopping 235 entries! So we’d like to thank all our lovely customers for entering and getting involved.

    There’s no hat big enough to pick out 235 pieces of paper, so an outside helper (who isn’t a blue self storage team member) used a random generator to sift through the data and select our 3 lucky winners.

    They are as follows…


    Congratulations to Owen, winner of our £100 meal for 2 at a restaurant of your choice!



    Congratulations to Roy, winner of 1 month FREE storage at any of our 3 locations!



    Congratulations to Gillian, winner of a £50 retail gift card you can spend at a variety of local businesses in either Cardiff or Tyneside!

    But we couldn’t stop there…

    So many of you entered, we wanted to share more prizes! So we’ve picked 10 random runners up who’ll each receive a blue self storage branded mug and car air freshener!


    1. Oliver Wakeling
    2. Jody Shepperd
    3. Derek Lawrence
    4. Colin Pretlove
    5. Siobhan Jones
    6. Annabel Cooper
    7. Christopher Dance
    8. Steve Walsh-Jones
    9. Nicholas Woodberry
    10. Greg Starr

    We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered! To all the winners, we’ll contact you in due course to arrange prize handover.

    If you didn’t win this time, thanks for trying! Please keep an eye out for future competitions in our newsletters.

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  4. Introducing our brand new storage collection service, breezybox

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    Introducing our brand new service, breezybox – our refreshingly easy service offering ‘by the box’ storage collection in Cardiff 📦

    Say hello to our easy, breezy, hassle-free ‘storage by the box’ collection service – it’s self storage without leaving the house. You pack it up, we pack it in!

    breezybox - affordable storage collection in Cardiff

    How breezybox by blue self storage works

    Using breezybox is easy peasy. Simply let us know how many boxes you’d like to store and the length of storage time you need. We’ll deliver boxes and packing material like tape and bubble wrap straight to your door.

    Take your time to pack up your stuff. You don’t need to fill up your car or hire a van to drive your possessions to our warehouse. Instead, you can pack your boxes from the comfort of home.

    When you book the service, you’ll also select the date for us to collect your packed boxes. We’ll pop back to pick up your treasured items and deliver them straight to our facility for storage.

    Book breezybox from £5.95 per month

    storage by the box service in Cardiff - breezybox

    Who breezybox is for

    breezybox is currently available to everyone living in the Cardiff area. This super useful service is suitable for everyone from students to seniors and everyone in between.

    You’ll love breezybox if you…

    Have a busy schedule
    If you’re always rushed off your feet, you might not have a spare minute to visit one of our storage facilities. With breezybox, we bring the storage to you. You can fill up your boxes when you have a chance, without the need to spend time dropping off your items.

    Don’t have a vehicle
    Our customers often need to store several items, which can make it tricky to get to one of our storage facilities without a car. Instead of lugging your items around on public transport (or hoping a taxi driver will take pity on you and your ten boxes), our drivers will transport your storage items for you.

    Need to move in a hurry
    If you’re moving out and don’t have time to sort through your stuff, breezybox is a quick solution. Simply estimate the number of things you need to store, and we’ll be there in a jiffy with your boxes so that you can move out and come back to your items when you have more time to sort through them.

    5 reasons why you need breezybox →

    storage collection in Cardiff - breezybox

    What to expect from breezybox

    Using breezybox is easy breezy & simple! Here’s what to expect…

    Speedy service
    We’ll drop off your boxes soon after you request them. When you’re ready for your items to be collected, we’ll be back to pick them up.

    No need to attend a storage facility and no need to deliver your items yourself. Simply fill out our form and select the number of storage boxes you need. We’ll take care of the rest.

    Friendly drivers
    You’ll experience the same friendly service that you would at a blue self storage facility. Our drivers are accommodating and happy to help 😁

    What you can store with breezybox

    You can store most items that fit into a standard or large-sized storage box. We can also collect some larger items like surfboards, suitcases and musical instruments – just message us and we’ll work it out with you.

    As you’d expect, you can’t store flammable liquids, food and drink, chemicals, weapons or pets. Yes, these are all things that people have tried to store with us in the past! For a full list of what can’t be stored, just head here.

    Customer reviews

    As it’s something of a pilot scheme, we’re very pleased to have started signing up some lovely customers already! Here’s what one of them had to say…

    “blue self storage provided excellent service! They were quick and efficient in dealing with my queries. All the staff-the manager, admin and the driver were friendly, no long call wait-times and communication was also good over telephone and email. Paperwork was dealt with swiftly and the collection arrangement went smoothly. I am honoured to be the first student to use their student-friendly scheme ‘breezybox’. I highly recommend their services to university students all across Cardiff! I look forward to using other blue self storage services soon and wish them the best of success!”

    Ruth, Cardiff medical student ★★★★★

    Want to try breezybox from blue self storage?

    Learn more about our storage collection in Cardiff and fill out the form to arrange a breezybox collection & delivery.

    Book now

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    Our new breezybox service currently offers storage collection in Cardiff – we hope to expand to other locations soon!

  5. How to plan your next great campervan or motorhome adventure *JULY 2021 UPDATE*

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    As many of us are gearing up to explore, or return to, our favourite UK beauty spots, we’ve put together some excellent tips for making it a trip to treasure.

    We haven’t forgotten the joy of travel! The spark of adventure, of morning coffees somewhere new, of evening walks in unfamiliar fields, of cresting over new cities in your campervan.

    As the world’s greatest travel writer, Bill Bryson, puts it: “The greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time.”1

    If you’re getting ready for your next staycation, read on for our useful tips for planning your next ‘mobile home’ travel adventure… 👇

    Campervan travel adventure blog from blue self storage cardiff

    Use our popular ‘Caravan / Motorhome Club’ Facebook group

    Having set up the group in February 2020, it’s now grown to 403* active, friendly members, with several posts a week.

    From selling useful items (or even whole vehicles!) to swapping tips, advice and community news, it’s everything we wanted the group to be and more.

    Users regularly share travel destination ideas and are more than happy to chat about places to go – so make this your first port of call!

    Join the group
    *As of 7th July 2021

    Planning your next campervan travel adventure in 2021

    Keep an eye on popular destinations

    Now that we can travel between England, Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, camping & caravanning holidays will be are the golden way definitive way to holiday – offering self-sufficiency, fresh air, and reduced contact with fellow holiday-makers.

    As of July 2021, the UK Government advises that you should ‘continue to plan ahead and travel safely where possible’.

    According to The Camping and Caravanning Club, campsites are now open across the UK, with ‘shared facilities including showers available’.

    It is important to note that the NHS track and trace app is in place at all sites, so a smart phone readily charged to scan the QR code, or arranging alternative access requirements to register yourself is important.

    Other considerations are that face masks are still mandatory in communal areas and day visitors are not allowed on the majority of sites. Although we want to enjoy our break (and we deserve it!), advance planning and research is key for a smooth stay.

    Planning your next Campervan and motorhome travel adventure - our guide

    X marks the camping spot

    Once you’ve decided your general route, do some research and mark every possible ‘stop and sleep’ spot along the route.

    You can do this on your physical map, or use the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet to create a ‘List’ of locations.

    You can also use this time to mark out great viewpoints or places you want to sightsee.

    Although we’re not fully at the international travelling stage, the helpful folks at ourtour.co.uk have even curated a range of Europe and North Africa routes in Google Maps, so you don’t even need to make your own!

    View all motorhome touring maps

    Campervan, caravan and motorhome travel adventure blog from blue self storage cardiff

    Don’t own your own vehicle? Hire your next travel adventure!

    There are plenty of places offering campervans and similar vehicles for hire, including coolcamping.com – a fantastic website for planning camping holidays.

    There’s also the local Taffi Campers, who offer a range of luxury VW T5 campervans for hire.

    How to hire a UK campervan

    Campervan, caravan and motorhome travel adventure blog from blue self storage cardiff

    Useful apps & tools

    1 – Park4Night

    A free app where you can ‘share the nice spots where you like to relax with your camper, your equipped van or normal van.’

    Cost: Free (but you’ll need to pay £9.99 to access maps and features offline).

    2 – All The Aires

    Although still on the Amber list (as of July 2021) – if you prefer a physical book to an app, ‘All the Aires’ covers North and South and is the perfect companion for choosing your overnight spots in France.

    Cost: £26 for the current edition (published June 2021). The next edition will be 2022.

    3 – Brit Stops

    Perfect for staycations, this UK-based resource has sites all across the UK, listing all the pubs you can stop at overnight.

    Cost: £28 + £3.60 postage

    4 – France Passion

    This scheme, ideal for travellers who like a gourmet lifestyle, allows you to stay with farmers, wine produces, cheese makers and other artisan foodies, on their land and free of charge.

    Cost: €30 (includes access to their website search)

    For more apps and tools – including travel helpers, sat navs and more – The Gap Decaders have a fantastic list to browse.

    Apps & tools for travellers

    Further resources

    While we’re the experts at campervan & motorhome storage, there are plenty of helpful people out there who are experts at the travelling bit!

    A few of our favourites include…

    1 – Wandering Bird

    Having spent years travelling, Wandering Bird has collated her favourite resources for motorhome travel – it’s a corker!


    2 – The Gap Decaders

    So good we’re mentioning them twice! These guys have all the destinations and travel guides you could ever want.


    3 – Practical Motorhome

    The book of gospel for motorhomers, this website has excellent articles and resources uploaded every week, with regular offers, competitions and loads of great buying advice! Also available in a magazine format.


    4 – Camping With Style

    Run by Shell, this blog covers everything you need to camp with style. While it leans slightly towards tent camping, there are plenty of helpful resources for any outdoor travel.


    5 – Life Journey 4 Two

    This couple’s living the dream, travelling around Europe – and providing plenty of tips and advice along the way.


    We hope you enjoyed our 2021 travel adventure guide! Did we miss any cool resources or ideas? Let us know on our socials below 👇

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    1 Bill Bryson, Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe